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James Clapper leaves National Intelligence Agency, Trump to name his replacement 


The director of the National Intelligence Service, James Clapper, presented his resignation Thursday during a routine appearance before a congressional committee.

Clapper, who had already announced his plan in the past, will remain in office until the end of the Obama Administration in January.

The head of the US intelligence services appeared before the House Intelligence Committee this morning when one of the lawmakers said he had heard rumors that he would not hold office under President-elect Donald Trump, according to Politico.

Clapper, who took office in 2010, said he feels “pretty good” after he submitted the letter of resignation to Obama last night.

Clapper’s decision coincides with the movements in Trump’s transition team, which is now defining the appointments and the policies that the president-elect will put into operation in the area of national security.

On Tuesday, a former veteran administration official, Eliot Cohen, reported in The Washington Post that “Conservatives should not volunteer to serve in this Administration, at least for the time being.”

The resignation of the US intelligence chief is not a surprise, but his post should be replaced by a person chosen by the Trump team.

Clapper has been involved in the espionage sector for five decades and began his work during the Vietnam War.

In recent years, his mandate was marked by leaks of documents that revealed the massive espionage exerted by the National Security Agency on the communications of millions of Americans. One example of such espionage is the one exposed by The Intercept today. The TitanPointe, a windowless skyscraper located in the heart of Manhattan, from where the NSA spies on millions of telephone calls via AT&T infrastructure.

During the election campaign, Democratic Party operatives accused the Russian government of conducting attacks on its computer systems, Clapper defined Russia’s alleged interference as “the most aggressive” and as an example of how it could exert influence on the elections. “I would not say if I was not sure,” he said then. All especulations.

The national intelligence chief signed a joint statement with Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, in which he attributed the publication of Clinton campaign internal messages through the Wikileaks portal as “consistent with the methods and motivations dictated by Russia”, yet, neither agency provided any proof.

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