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John F. Kennedy’s speech that sounds like prophecy 

John F. Kennedy knew, as president, that he was in a position where he could fight the system whose birth was brewing.

JFK knew it because previous presidents had spoken about that system. They had been tempted and recruited to carry out what the shadow government wanted to be a coup d’Etat that would have ended the United States sooner rather than later.

On the day JFK gave his famous anti-establishment speech, he not only warned the American people about the secret group that he referred to as the enemy of freedom, liberty and accountability, but he also declared war on that system.

Kennedy’s words were prophetic in that he described the plan of the shadow government to very significant detail and every single of those details have come true.

The group that nowadays controls the planet via their puppet governments indeed uses secrecy and deceit to conceal their actions. That secrecy and deceit worked well for them for a long time, but now, for a variety of reasons people know things are not right.

Incrementalism has been another weapon of the shadow government. Their measures of control have been applied carefully and dutyfully to raise the least suspicion possible. As it is now apparent, the mainstream corporate media has been complicit in the plan and are a great reason for the success of the globalist establishment.

Even thouh we know that JFK was right and that the powerful interests that dominate the planet are well under way to reach the pinnacle of their agenda, it is not a bad idea to listen to the magnitude of such a plan.

Below is John F. Kennedy’s warning speech; the one that should have waken up all of America, but that for some reason that many still do not understand, failed to sound the alarm in the people.

And while we are at it, let’s also hear JFK’s predecessor; Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, who in 1934 revealed details about the conspiracy to replace FDR’s government via a coup d’etat. The powers behind such a plan were “moneyed interests” he said. This plan was part of a larger attempt to install a fascists dictatorship in the United States that ended up failing.



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