It was dead on arrival like the two previous 2014 ceasefire agreements – not worth the paper they were written on despite Russia and Donbass freedom fighters fully observing them.

The Kiev Post is a junta regime house organ. Its reports are virtual press releases. Independent journalism is banned in Ukraine.

Regime approved views alone are permitted. Violators risk harassment, arrests, imprisonment or death.

On June 5, the Kiev Post headlined Minsk is Dead: Now What?”

The broadsheet turned truth on its head claiming a nonexistent “Russia(n) renewed military offensive in eastern Ukraine provides the latest evidence that the Kremlin violates the Minsk II peace agreement at will.”

Fact: No so-called “Russian aggression” exists – not now or earlier. Claims otherwise are Big Lies.

Fact: The whole world knows Kiev and Washington bear full responsibility for naked aggression on Donbass. It continues daily.

The Kiev Post called prospects for peace dim. It failed to explain why. It lied claiming “Russian-separatist forces launched a renewed assault on…Maryinka.”

Kiev and Washington bear full responsibility for all acts of aggression on Donbass. Self-defense forces respond only in self-defense as international law allows.

Illegitimate Kiev prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk lied claiming Russia “order(ed) its terrorists” to attack Ukrainian forces. Truth is polar opposite – what Western leaders and echo chamber media refuse to acknowledge despite clear irrefutable evidence.

The rest of the Kiev Post’s report was full of rubbish blaming Donbass freedom fighters for blatant junta crimes.

On June 11, Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused Washington of destabilizing Ukraine in a statement saying:

“Unlike Russia, the United States not only fails to make any real efforts to resolve the crisis in Ukraine and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the (eastern) Luhansk and Donetsk regions, but in fact it spurs the current authorities in Kiev to continue the fratricidal civil conflict.”

On June 10, Kiev for the first time claimed Russia occupies Donbass (the so-called Anti-Terrorist Zone). A letter signed by its illegitimate foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin states:

“Taking into account the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which took place with the participation of regular (units) of the Armed Forces of the RF and the illegal armed formations, which are directed, ruled and financed by the Russian Federation, an anti-terrorist operation is being carried out…”

“The Russian Federation, which in fact occupied separate territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions and carries out management of them, bears full responsibility for the provision and protection of human rights in these territories in accordance with the international humanitarian legislation and internationally established human rights.”

Kiev blames Russia for its own high crimes. It outrageous accused Moscow of seizing control of 169 Ukrainian municipalities.

On June 10, Tass reported Ukraine intending to impose a complete food, transport and financial blockade on Donbass based on pending legislation, according to Ukrainian Choice public movement leader Viktor Medvedchuk.

This means Donbass residents “will be left by the state to their devices,” he explained. Kiev “is not even trying to launch the negotiation process with the Donetsk and Lugansk republics.”

Meanwhile, Russians overwhelmingly support Putin. Recent Pew Research poll numbers showed his approval rating reached 88%.

His Ukraine policy has 83% popular support. Relations with China are supported by 90% of Russians, and his US agenda got an 85% approval rating.

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