Marxism is more alive than anyone can even imagine and, as usual, it comes wrapped around names such as “equality”, “equity” and “justice”.

This new form of 21st century Marxism is more violent and more dangerous than ever before. This engineered form of nouveau-marxism tolerates no dissent, no opposition, and no discussion. If you oppose it, you are shamed, if you disagree you are accused of all hell under the sun and if you confront it, you are labeled a bigot, a racist, and a homophobe, to cite a few popular tags.

The pseudo-cultural revolution now playing everywhere is supported by Marxist ideologues who use violent mobs to accomplish their goals. With many millions of dollars in the bank to spend and wreak havoc on society, the true leaders of the cultural revolution spare nothing in their attempt to divide and conquer.

The nouveau-marxism revolution is Leftist in its origin and is not limited to the United States. In fact, it infected most of Latin America, where it has been installed for decades. It has, slowly and stealthily, taken over the government in the U.S. and now, it has hit critical mass.

In the U.K., meanwhile, the Labour Party, which not too long ago was gasping for air, is ready to win the next general election and “rebuild Britain,” according to Jeremy Corbyn, its leader.

Corbyn intends to “change the British policy”, rescuing it from “the elite, to return it to the communities, carrying out a radical program with real benefits for the majority and not for the few.”

The radical youth movement

Since Corbyn was elected leader, almost by accident, in 2015, Labor has changed in an unrecognizable way. With over half a million members, it has become the largest political formation in Western Europe.

The old Marxist guard, marginalized by Tony Blair’s New Labor, was resurrected. It did so thanks to the push of a citizen platform, Momentum, which flooded the party of young militants. The same practice took place in the United States, where Antifa and BLM, led by pseudo-revolutionaries with loud megaphones on Twitter and Tik Tok, managed to enrage their followers enough to have them go to the streets to burn, loot and beat up business owners all over the country.

Thanks to the mobilization on social networks, terrorist groups have set themselves the objective of fighting against the “liberal elites” to “give a voice to the marginalized and impoverished” sectors of the citizenry.

Some have described Momentum activists in the U.K. as a group of idealists in the hands of manipulative Trotskyists. The traditional press frowns on them, but their message has caught on among people outraged by eternal austerity plans and growing social inequality.

By supporting Corbyn, they have created a network of local organizations, a lot like other community organizers in the U.S. – Barack Obama- that have been building a piece of powerful electoral machinery.

In the 2017 general elections, Momentum mobilized thousands of supporters. Theresa May lost the absolute majority. Labor achieved its best result in the last 16 years.

The turn of Labor was not made in the British case with the emergence of a new formation of the radical left in British politics, unlike what happened in other countries, such as France’s Insumisa, or Italy’s Power to the People.

Corbyn and Momentum struck the tiller from within. “Old Labor, new beginning”, said one of the slogans of the change. Centrist deputies in the Labor parliamentary group, many of them Blair-era political sons, tried to overthrow Corbyn with a motion, a year after his appointment. They lost and became the enemy to eliminate. Before they are fired, some have left.

Seven of them have thrown in the towel and created an independent group in the House of Commons, which, with two other Conservative MPs, aspires to be the embryo of the recovery of the center lost in British politics.

To avoid further defections, party number two Tom Watson, a moderate, has proposed a new internal movement for parliamentarians with a Social Democratic tradition.

The official Labor line has chosen 96 candidates for as many electoral constituencies, in preparation for the elections. More than a third are suitors for Momentum and Unite, the unions close to Corbyn.

Momentum is imposing its own people also on local bodies. It has come to be considered a party within a party.

Brexit has also corroded Labor and has increased internal fracture. Corbyn’s ambiguous position has undermined his popularity among young grassroots.

There is a clear rebellion against him, for not having supported a second referendum. 80% of affiliates wanted to stay in the European Union and Momentum asks for more and more space and power.

Despite some clear divisions, which are normal in an apparently headless movement, the Left Marxist ideology continues to creep deeper and deeper into western society’s fabric to radically transform traditional values and turn its followers into empty vessels through which it will infect the rest of the modern world.

The West is witnessing a move to remove history, wrongfully place blame, erase values, and indoctrinate new generations. The mobs are instilling fear by desecrating statues and monuments, destroying memorials, and carrying out violent crimes.

They are in a race to reach Totalitarianism. They demand total submission as they attack liberty and attempt to completely take over institutions. While they speak of systemic racism, they have been taking over the system for many years. President Trump explained it very clearly during his address commemorating the 4th of July celebration:

“Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes but that were villains. The radical view of American history is a web of lies, all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition.”

It is all about wiping the canvas clean to create a new history, a new present and a new future.

The question is, why? Why would these Marxist revolutionaries do something like that? For the same reason all other pseudo-revolutionaries did it before. “They want power for themselves,” affirmed the US President in his visit to South Dakota. They want to tear down the beliefs, the culture and the identity, that have each one of us a unique member of society.

Their goal is not to have a better society, but to erase our society.

Fortunately, the decision to allow or not allow that to happen is ours. We have to defend that which we appreciate and value. No one else will do it for us.

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