Left-wing media propaganda is one the likely triggers for shooter’s hatred towards president Trump.

James T. Hodgkinson, a left-wing nutcase was a retired entrepreneur and obsessed with Donald Trump in social networks.

Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old, apparently retired businessman, fired a flurry of gunfire at about twenty Republican lawmakers on a baseball field outside Washington.

After an exchange of bullets with the security forces, Hodgkinson was injured and died.

The man, who ran a home inspection company in Belleville, Illinois, until 2016, moved to the Washington area two months ago, his wife told ABC.

He lived until today in Alexandria, a town adjacent to the capital located 20 minutes from downtown, where he attacked Republican congressmen and senators.

Hodgkinson had a history of arrests for not having proper licenses for his company, causing damage to private property, driving under the influence of alcohol and other traffic absences.

For a while, his company worked as a contractor for local authorities. His permit to operate as a housing inspector expired in 2016 and Hodgkinson did not renew it.

For years he was an advocate for progressive politics and often sent letters to the editor of the local newspaper, Belleville News-Democrat, calling for tax increases, marijuana legalization, wage inequality, and other measures.

He also criticized conservatism and belonged to several anti-conservative groups, including one called “Ending the Republican Party,” according to the newspaper.

Critic of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Hodgkinson’s social networks portray a man frustrated by the politics as usual and obsessed with Senator Bernie Sanders, who was a candidate for the presidency by the Democratic Party.

In a Facebook post on March 22, Hodgkinson wrote, “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump and company.

During the election campaign, Hodgkinson volunteered for Sanders’ candidacy. Presidential candidate campaigns in the United States often have hundreds of volunteers, and their affiliation with the candidate or his advisers is anecdotal.

The online profile of the attacker is filled with photos of the senator from Vermont and messages in favor of “democratic socialism.”

Mr. Sanders, a more progressive candidate than Clinton, had for months dreamed up a more liberal project than the Democratic establishment and captured the attention of many young people and part of the working class.

“He was a quiet, quiet man,” Charles Orear, who worked with Hodgkinson in Iowa as part of the Sanders campaign, told The Washington Post.

He stated that Hodgkinson never showed signs of violence or evil towards others and that he was simply a quiet type and passionate progressive. “We talked for hours about politics,” he said about their coexistence as volunteers.

After these details were known, Sanders issued a statement repudiating any act of violence. Without mentioning Hodgkinson, the Democratic senator wrote: “This despicable action makes me sick.”

“Real change can only happen without violence,” he added. Previously, Sanders had already condemned the attack on a tweet and expressed his condolences with Republican Steve Scalise, wounded in the incident who until now remains in critical condition.

Hodgkinson’s reaction to Trump’s policies are undoubtedly a result of mainstream media propaganda. Most Establishment outlets have painted Trump as a traitor.

Many TV personalities have made fun of him and even called for his assassination. The Virginia resident was just another victim of media brainwashing which prompted him to use violence as a way to make a point against the Trump administration.

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