While Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro is threatening opposition groups with a massive purge, should they dare go ahead with their presidential recall referendum, in Nicaragua, the Ortega family is turning every single government position into a family affair. But the Ortega’s and Maduro are not alone. Further down in South America, Bolivian President Evo Morales, another lunatic leftist recently opened a school whose goal will be to fight “imperialism” and “capitalism”.

According to local reports, the schools classrooms will be centers of learning where people will be taught to fight the imperial rule and the capitalist spirit while promoting the protection of Mother Earth.

“This school is a political and ethical commitment to the country, the region and the world, because it is not only fair, but morally necessary to live in conditions of equality, dignity, brotherhood and complementarity”.

The Bolivian President continued to read as he could. “The circumstances required it.” He was inaugurating a School of the Anti-imperialist Peoples Abya Yala and the Armed Forces, in the region of Santa Cruz.

The institution is named after Juan Jose Torres, the soldier who in 1971 came to Government in Bolivia accompanied by a popular uprising and during whose brief tenure the country nationalized mines and expelled the Peace Corps of the United States.

Torres was killed in 1976 in Buenos Aires under Plan Condor.

Morales wanted to pay tribute to Torres by inviting the military’s high command accompanied by himself, representatives of social movements that support it and the defense ministers of Nicaragua and Venezuela; Martha Ruiz Sevilla and Vladimir Padrino López, respectively.

The school is specially intended for NCOs. According to the president, it should contribute to the creation of “a better, more just and fair world without violence.” Morales advocates peace and a rejection of violence while he founds a military academic disguised as an academic institution.

Morales, who in his capacity as head of state is also the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, is convinced that the military play an important role in the fight against “imperial rule” and the “capitalist spirit”.

Morales was clear: “the armed forces and social movements are one team to defend the homeland.”

In this regard, he said the region needs a new doctrine and a new “security concept” for the military institutions which should materialize in a “great strategic block” to fight “against imperialism and defend Mother Earth”.

This doctrine should promote the peaceful resolution of disputes and reject war on moral, political, social and economic reasons.

The “alternative” approach to be taught in school is, according to the Bolivian president, an urgent need of the times.

The commander in chief of the armed forces, Gonzalo Duran, said that the school has not opened any day, but on “Flag Day”.

In these classrooms people will delve into the study of imperialism and its consequences, evaluate the mechanisms of integration of society and strengthen the patriotic attitude of the military. So, all that Morales wants is peace and prosperity, however, people from his newly founded school will be actively indoctrinated into hating people due to their economic beliefs while promoting militarism?

If his words are not contradictory enough, Duran recalled that the military are the “guarantors of the country’s sovereignty”.

The presence of the defense ministers of Venezuela and Nicaragua appears to mark the limit of military alliances in Bolivia.

“We must change the economic matrix of the planet, capitalism is the parent of death because it damages the planetary ecosystem,” president Morales insisted.

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