Americans need shoving to take them to protests on the streets and to protest for or against anything or anyone. It doesn’t happen spontaneously.

With few exceptions at most, various groups from activists to anarchists aren’t behind anti-Trump protests. Nor were women turning out in large numbers nationwide and abroad.

Dark forces in Washington, corporate boardrooms and other centers of power manipulated Americans to turn out in large numbers, before, during and after Trump’s inauguration – part of a plot to delegitimize and undermine him.

It began to prevent his nomination, later based on the phony pretext of Russian US election hacking, along with sure-thing Hillary’s convincing loss and political demise.

Anyone knowing anything about her high crimes and evil intent should be dancing in the streets – not engaged in anti-Trump protests, in some cases smashing windows, committing other forms of vandalism and making damn fools of themselves for the wrong reasons.

Unknown numbers were paid to protest, international con man George Soros involved, along with other pro-Hillary political and corporate interests like him, notably Wall Street and war-profiteers.

Wouldn’t suspicious money spread around to enlist protesters alert any sensible person to know something rotten is going on, wanting no part of being used.

Sadly not given how easily ill-and-misinformed Americans are easy marks to manipulate – no matter how many times they were fooled before.

Is WMD lying so quickly forgotten, and numerous other dirty tricks like it going back endlessly in time, all with the same common denominator – deep state deception, manipulating public opinion to go along with what demands denunciation.

Countless thousands of women turning out across America thinking Hillary represents them, not Trump, likely think fantasy democracy in America is real, a model for other countries to emulate – astonishing given so much evidence disproving them.

Interviewed by BBC, William and Mary College Assistant Professor of Government Debra Shushan said “Americans are very proud of our democracy.” She should have been asked what country she really meant because America is a plutocracy, not a democracy, never was from inception.

As an academic at an esteemed university, she should know that. She’s no dummy – a Harvard summa cum laude graduate, a Phi Beta Kappa member, a Yale PhD, impressive credentials, and yet she protested for the wrong reasons based on her BBC comments.

She railed about “creeping tyranny and authoritarian tendencies that are being shown by the new (US) administration.”

The BBC interviewer said nothing about Trump being in office around a scant 24 hours with no record on which to judge him when she denigrated him unfairly, based only on what she thinks he’ll do, nothing he’s done except sign an executive order on day one in office.

If she doesn’t understand what’s going on, a woman of high intellect, how could far less educated individuals than she know they’re being had.

America became tyrannical, authoritarian, neoliberal and neocon since the Clinton co-presidency, hardened under Bush/Cheney, worst of all under Obama.

Based on his rhetoric alone, Trump showed signs of stepping back from the brink geopolitically, a major change in US foreign policy if his actions back what he said – something to support and cheer about, not denounce and rail against in the streets.

For the most part, we don’t know what’s coming under his stewardship. Once his policies become known, he’ll prove himself for good or ill, but not until then.

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