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Mass Shootings: It’s the disarmament stupid! 

Guns don’t shoot people just like cars don’t run over pedestrians. However, politicians and those who favor a disarmed population continue to use every opportunity they find to call for mass disarmament.


Let’s establish two important premises before we try to understand why politicians and pro-disarmament people advocate for mass confiscation of firearms.

If there is one single common fact about mass shootings is that the perpetrator knows that his victims are defenseless in what people usually call gun free zones.

So what are gun free zones? They are places where authorities establish a ban on firearms. Among those places there are schools, banks, public buildings and churches.

Another fact that is connected to most mass shootings, but that the media seldom reports on, is that the perpetrators are under the influence on psychiatric drugs whose effects include spontaneous outbursts of violent behavior.

Psychiatric medication often prescribed to people as part of depression treatment, for example, causes patients to experience deeper states of depression, have suicidal thoughts and more often than not prompts them to commit homicide.

We can conclude that the very facts that people aren’t able to arm themselves to prevent criminal actions and that mentally ill people or people who are being treated due to alleged mental conditions manage to get a firearm to commit crimes, are the two most common explanations to why mass shootings take place.

Criminals never enter a place where most people are armed, such as a police station or a city where concealed carry is permitted. They go to cities or neighborhoods where people aren’t allowed to protect themselves and their families with a firearm.

Strangely, though, every time we see a mass shooting event in a school, a church or a bank, politicians and pro-disarmament people immediately call for gun confiscation as the solution to end mass shootings.

After Wednesday night’s shooting at a church in the city of Charleston, where a man killed 9 people, the US president, manipulated the murder to once again call for gun control.

But before Obama jumped on the gun confiscation wagon, the American media had already inflamed the airwaves, focusing their reports on whether the shooting was about racism, white supremacism, and several media outlets used the event to demand more drastic gun control measures.

This time, media outlets pointed out, the attack had taken place in a black church in the southern United States, which according to their reports is an example of the “difficult times of the racist history of this country.”

“I made statements like this too many times,” said Barack Obama, who appeared before the press on Thursday before flying to Los Angeles. Obama made speeches as a result of violence carried out by insane armed people in the last seven years.

Obama stated that, although still there isn’t a full picture of what had happened, he had no doubt about the fact that someone had access to a gun to commit a “senseless crime” against innocents.

“Now we have to mourn the dead and recover, but let me be clear, at some point, as a country, we have to deal with the fact that this kind of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”

That is absolutely right! Other advanced countries do not suffer from mass shootings because their people are allowed to carry firearms, or have them in their homes, so when an armed criminal attempts to kill people, he is shot on sight.

Other advanced countries do not poison their populations with pharmaceutical drugs to the level doctors do in the United States. Therefore, the two main elements responsible for the type of mass shootings seen in the US do not exist elsewhere in the “advanced world”.

Obama used words like “grief” and “justice” in the same speech in which he spoke of the attack against the church congregation in the southern United States while saying the event revived one of the darkest chapters in American history.

What happened, said the president, “is particularly bleak”, as it was a “place of prayer” considered “sacred.” “The hatred of races and religions represents a particular threat to our democracy and our ideals,” Obama added. However, Obama does not think the same way when American drones blow up houses of worship in Africa or the Middle East. Those attacks perpetrated on innocent men, women and children are not labeled as bleak or unjust by Obama.

From Las Vegas, in a Latin conference, the Democratic candidate to succeed Obama, Hillary Clinton, also alluded to this latest tragedy to demand a debate on the banning of firearms.

“We must be honest and face the hard truths about race, violence, guns and divisions in the country,” Clinton claimed, conveniently leaving out the issue of medication of the American population.

“How many innocent people in our country, whether small children, parishioners, spectators in a theater, have to die before we act?” Clinton asked, referring to some of the latest mass shootings in recent years.

“This time we must find answers together. We will unite not only to talk, but also to act, “he claimed.

Right now, the FBI is investigating the shooting and, although it has not provided any official conclusions, the agency has already labeled the shooting as a ‘hate crime”. These statement stems from alleged confessions made by the shooter, Dylann Roof, where he says he planned to commit the crime because, among other reasons, blacks had been raping white women for a long time.

“Mother Emanuel is more than a church,” Obama said. “It is a prayer space founded by African Americans seeking freedom. It is a church that was burned to the ground because parishioners fought to end slavery. It is a symbol of freedom for blacks. When laws forbade worship continued in secrecy,” he continued.

The Charleston shooting has given fake liberals a new opportunity to demand more gun control as an answer to mass shootings. If they have their way, we will continue to see, with more frequency and violence, attacks on defenseless children, men and women by heavily medicated people who despite living in a Police State, still manage to get a hold of firearms to commit crimes like the one that took place on Wednesday.

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