Mainstream media perverse malpractice is the result of unchecked abuses committed by large networks. The corporate media, in particular, has propelled the world to through to wars that wouldn’t have happened without their help. Millions died as a result.

They must be punished with indifference such as that showed by Donald Trump. There is no threat to Freedom of the Press when Trump or anyone else unmasks perpetual liars for what they are. There is a threat to humanity, peace and coexistence when media presstitutes violate all ethics standards and serve as pawns to the Establishment.

CNN “journalists” and other ruffled reporters should do their job as such instead of carrying water for the Democratic party and globalist interests. The same should be said about others from The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC and even FOX News.

Remember when the media had two or three points of view during the same interview or TV program, or when newspapers had two or three credible news sources cited in the articles? Now, so-called journalists, reporters and opinion creators want the public to believe them just because their names are associated to a news network or a “reputable” newspaper.

The Cable News Network has become the anti Trump, a true fake news network, a junk food news network.

When journalism existed in mainstream media, news reports were about real issues, for example, how civilians and military smuggled drugs from Central and South America into the US, to buy weapons and to fund guerrilla groups.

Today, government officials are never held accountable and the media work hard to justify polical malpractice as long as that serves their purposes and political accountability is presented by the media as soap operas.

On the other hand, government opposing fake news outlets put out rumors and promote military industrial complex agendas such as Russiagate, even though it is tainted with political and media bias.

It must be said: The fake news media, composed by all the corporate outlets that keep on telling people that everyone else but them is the enemy – CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and some smaller accomplices are the enemies of The People.

Lying journalists in fact put the lives of many at risk when they fabricate reports to damage anyone as supposed to simply reporting the facts.

Trump accused the media this Sunday of endangering the lives of many people. “Very unpatriotic!” He said in his Twitter account. In addition, he threatened that he will not allow the country to be filled with people who hate America by “the moribund newspaper industry.”

In this, Donald Trump is right. The mainstream media sells the country everyday by pushing globalist agendas such as uncontrolled immigration and corporate trade interests.

Specifically, on The New York Times and The Washington Post, Trump accused them of writing negative news “even about very positive achievements: And they will never change!”

Hours earlier, the president had announced in the social network that he had recently held a “very good” meeting with A.G. Sulzberger, the editor of The New York Times: “I spent a lot of time talking about the large number of false news in the media and how those false news have been transformed into the phrase ‘Enemy of the people’.

“Sulzberger explained that the meeting was held on July 20 and that he told Trump that his reproaches to journalists” are not only divisive but increasingly dangerous “because they inspire authoritarian regimes to attack freedom of the press.

It was the culmination of an escalation of attacks on the press that began on Tuesday. “Do not believe in the garbage of these people, the fake news,” Trump said, pointing to the journalists present at a rally with war veterans in Kansas City.

The public came up and booed the reporters. The next day, the White House forbade Kaitlan Collins, a CNN journalist, to enter a presidential act to the for having asked “inappropriate questions” a few hours before at the meeting between the Republican and the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

The television network, described by Trump as “the worst”, has received support from various media and the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA), which condemned the measure for restricting press freedom.

There was no restriction of Press Freedom. At the White House, journalists are guests. No one wants revolting guests in their home.

On Tuesday, CNN had released a recording between Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, in which voices are heard discussing the payment of a Playboy ex-model during the election campaign in order to silence a presumed extramarital affair.

During a brief statement in the Oval Office between Trump and Juncker, Collins asked the Republican four times about this matter. A “thank you very much” for Trump was all she got. The real answer would be given later.

The new director of communication of the White House, Bill Shine, and the press secretary, Sarah Sanders, informed Collins that she could not attend the afternoon meeting between Trump and Juncker in the Rose Garden.

At the end of a press conference in the Oval Office, a Collins shouted questions and refused to leave although “she was often asked to do so,” the White House said in a statement.

CNN itself was the first to repudiate the punishment: “Just because the White House feels uncomfortable with a question about news of the day, does not mean that the question is not relevant and should not be asked.

“The fact is that Trumps former extramarital issues are not news. No one cares. But for CNN, this is like getting a juicy filet mignon. The network occupies a large portion of its fake new coverage to matters that are far from being real news and it refuses to report Trump’s accomplishments in a positive way.

The episode has taken the dust off what happened two weeks ago in the United Kingdom at the Trump press conference with British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Jim Acosta, another CNN stooge, tried to ask a question and the president refused to answer: “CNN is fake news, I do not answer CNN’s questions … We’re going to a real television network.” And it was the turn of John Roberts of Fox News.

Later, the conservative television network, which is walking on clouds of cotton in its relationship with the president, tweeted from its account the moment that Trump embarrassed CNN worldwide.

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