The foreign intelligence agency of Israel, Mossad, acknowledged in 2012 that Iran was not pursuing the “necessary means to produce nuclear weapons,”.

In spite of such statement, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned at the United Nations that Iran was in the final stages of completing their plans to manufacture nuclear weapons. In fact, Netanyahu said Iran was in the “final phase”.

In September 2012, Netanyahu proclaimed from a podium at the General Assembly of the U.N. that if Iran continued its uranium enrichment, it could reach the “final phase” before the summer of 2013.

“From there, the country,” Netanyahu said, “would only be months away, possibly weeks away from having enriched uranium for the first bomb.”

Israel’s prime minister showed a picture of a bomb in which a red line marked 90 percent, the level of enrichment that Iran would need to develop nuclear weapons.

However, a document prepared by the Mossad, before Netanyahu’s speech, which was sent in October to South African Intelligence, contradicts the official version of the Israeli government.

According to this text, secret but leaked by Al Jazeera and The Guardian, Iran was not developing the ingredients “needed to produce weapons.”

The Mossad admits that Iran “does not seem to be prepared” to enrich uranium to a level of 90 percent and estimated to have only “some 100 kilos of material enriched to 20 percent.”

Mossad also warned that the regime of the ayatollahs would be moving in “areas that seemed legitimate” to “reduce the time needed to produce weapons once the order was given.” Nothing on the report or in later documents provided any proof of such affirmation.

The document is part of a new package of leaks which includes hundreds of dossiers relating to secret communications, mainly between the intelligence services of South Africa and authorities in other countries.

A senior Israeli government official told The Guardian that there is no contradiction between Netanyahu’s alerts and the content “supposedly obtained from Israeli intelligence, since both agree that Iran is producing uranium with the ultimate aim of making weapons.”

The official also failed to show any proof that such Iran was working on obtaining more materials to produce enriched uranium and that the country intended to use it to make a nuclear weapon.

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