US elections are farcical when held – a contest between two right wings of the one-party state.

Dirty business as usual always wins. Foreign meddling in the process would accomplish nothing if it occurred – unable to change one-party rule so why bother trying.

Washington’s intelligence community, Russophobe pols, and media scoundrels perpetuate the myth of Russian US election meddling – never presenting a shred of evidence proving it because none exists.

In June, special counsel Robert Mueller lied, claiming foreign meddling in the US political process remains ongoing ahead of November midterm elections – no evidence cited proving it.

According to Mueller, “uncharged individuals and entities…are continuing to engage in interference operations.” Accusations without credible proof are groundless. No honest tribunal would accept them.

Days ahead of Mueller’s Big Lie, DNI Dan Coats delivered his own, claiming without proof: “(W)e continue to see Russian targeting of American society in ways that could affect our midterm elections” – a bald-faced lie.

Interviewed by ABC News on Sunday, neocon extremist John Bolton went further saying: “…I can say definitively that it’s a sufficient national security concern about Chinese meddling, Iranian meddling and North Korean meddling that we’re taking steps to try and prevent it. So – so all four of those countries (including Russia), really,” adding:

“Those are the four countries that we’re most concerned about…(I)t’s…a priority of mine to make sure that we’re using the full range of our capabilities to protect not just the elections but a whole range of vulnerable systems in the United States, vulnerable to cyber warfare operations in the – in the government and in the private sector.”

US-led Western media news, information and commentaries consistently feature disinformation, Big Lies and fake news, truth-telling suppressed on issues mattering most, especially geopolitical ones.

They’re a national disgrace in countries where they operate – deceiving readers and viewers, not responsibly informing them.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Bolton and former DNI James Clapper slammed defrocked former CIA director John Brennan – one of the most diabolical figures ever to hold high office in Washington.

As CIA director, he was responsible for inventing Russiagate. DNC/John Podesta emails were leaked by a Dem insider, not hacked as falsely claimed – an indisputable fact proved by credible evidence.

Russia had nothing to do with what happened. On Sunday, Bolton surprisingly slammed Brennan saying:

“(W)hen he was director of CIA, I was very troubled by his conduct, by statements he made in public, and by what I thought was his politicization of the intelligence community,” adding:

“(T)here are lots of grounds to have your security clearance revoked for behavior that calls into question your ability to hold the material in confidence.”

Separately on Sunday, former DNI James Clapper said Brennan’s strong “rhetoric (is) an issue in and of itself.”

Calling Trump’s Helsinki summit with Putin “treasonous” was a scandalous remark. Claiming he has “100% confidence” about Russian US election meddling was a bald-faced lie.

He threatened to sue Trump for revoking his security clearance, saying: “…I am going to do whatever I can personally to try to prevent these abuses in the future, and if it means going to court, I will. I will do that.”

On Helsinki summit talks, he said “…I called (Trump’s) behavior treasonous, which is to betray one’s trust and to aid and abet the enemy, and I stand very much by that claim of his actions.”

Fact: Russia is an invented “enemy,” not a real one.

Fact: Brennan’s accusation discredited himself more than already – a contemptible figure with no credibility, never to be believed or trusted.

A former Bush/Cheney regime counterterrorism director (8/2004 – 8/2005) and former CIA deputy executive director when the 9/11 mother of all false flags occurred, he once said “you have to take lives to (allegedly) save lives.”

Along with serving as a US embassy in Saudi Arabia political officer in the early 1980s, he rose through the ranks of the CIA to become its director.

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou accused Brennan and Robert Mueller of going all-out “to ruin people” – inventing crimes, then looking for someone to blame them on.

In 2007, Kiriakou “went public on the CIA’s torture program.” The Obama regime’s CIA director Brennan got Kiriakou indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned for whistleblowing on US wrongdoing.

Kiriakou: “Once I was arrested and we received discovery from the Justice Department, we received several memos between John Brennan and the Justice Department.”

“The first memo said charge him with espionage. And then, the Justice Department wrote back and said but he hasn’t committed espionage. And then, Brennan wrote back, charge him anyway and make him defend himself.”

“And that’s what they did.”

That’s how Brennan, Mueller, and others like them in Washington operate. Republicans and undemocratic Dems share guilt.

Instead of holding them accountable, media scoundrels serve as their press agents.

Nothing they report on major issues can be accepted as credible.

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