We have all seen it. NATO has not only expanded all over Europe, which is exactly the opposite of what it promised to do, but also issuing threats against Russia.

In a strong statement read on Wednesday after the first day of the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO being held in Antalya, Turkey, the secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, once again threatened Russia with retaliation.

Stoltenberg said that NATO would not allow the Kremlin to install nuclear weapons facilities in Crimea, which is now Russian territory after its citizens voted to join Russia in 2014.

The democratic vote held in Crimea resulted in a series of sanctions imposed on Russia both by the US and the EU, with NATO as their military enforcer.

“We are very concerned by statements from Russian leaders that point to the future stationing of nuclear weapons in Crimea and systems to deliver them, which would be destabilizing,” Stoltenberg claimed while urging Russia to stop what he called “its continued and deliberate destabilization of eastern Ukraine.”

The accusation was based on statements by Mikhail Ulyaniov, the head of arms control at the Russian Foreign Ministry, who last March 11 said that Russia had the right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea.

“I do not know if there are no nuclear weapons, I know nothing about plans, but in principle Russia can do it,” said Ulyaniov.

The text from NATO, condemning what it considers “aggressive actions from Russia and the illegal annexation of Crimea”, regrets the worsening of the human rights situation in the area and draws attention to “the systematic violation of the law and international obligations.

It appears that for NATO it is unthinkable that free people vote to decide their future, or that a sovereign nation does whatever it sees fit on its territory. Instead, NATO says it “urges the authorities in Moscow to settle the conflict by political means and dialogue, particularly with the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

The statement issued by NATO does not recognize that it is its own pet government in Kiev the one responsible for the continuous violations to the agreements signed with Russia.

Both NATO and the US have unsuccessfully attempted to blame Russia for the worsening situation in Ukraine, which is now infested with American “advisers”.

NATO claims that Russia supplies troops and arms to separatist rebels without showing any proof while brushing off Kiev’s own violations of the ceasefire.

The NATO statement came after the lightning visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry, who participated briefly of the Turkish summit.

Kerry contradicted Stoltenberg’s statements by saying that there is a new more constructive attitude in the Kremlin on issues such as Yemen, Libya, Iran and the Islamic State.

The chief US diplomat said that he had found greater collaboration in Moscow, although he spoke about the critical situation in Ukraine and urged the parties to implement the Minsk agreements.

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