No aspirant for high public office in US history is more despicably unworthy and dangerous – scandal-ridden, irreparably tainted, criminally culpable, a global menace if she succeeds Obama.

Ahead of America’s Independence Day weekend, FBI officials interviewed her over use of her private email server for official State Department business – storing easily hacked classified material.

According to her spokesman Nick Merrill, she “gave a voluntary interview…about her email arrangement while she was Secretary.

She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion.

“Out of respect for the investigative process, (she) will not comment further…”

She and husband Bill are notoriously tight-lipped about matters warranting close public scrutiny – high public office and personal crimes neither so far charged with or likely to be.

Over the holiday weekend, various media reported Hillary wouldn’t face criminal charges – now confirmed.

On Tuesday morning, FBI director James Comey said none are “appropriate” with regard to use of her private email server for official State Department business.

Calling her handling of classified information “extremely careless,” Comey claimed “no reasonable prosecutor” would file criminal charges.

Using her home-based personal server instead of the State Department’s could only have been to illegally, unethically and inappropriately, and unthinkably conceal information from other government officials she didn’t want knowing about on how she ran the department and conducted dirty business overall.

Deleting over 30,000 emails raises obstruction of justice issues. Conducting official State Department business from her personal unsecured residence server seems unthinkable. Circumventing higher authority and coverup appear likely explanations.

Her culpability on other issues and overall trustworthiness are other matters entirely.

Days earlier, one of my doctors involved in keeping me in working order asked how I thought Hillary’s scandal would go and if she’d be elected president.

I said yes to the latter because things are likely rigged to assure it. As for the former, I explained if he or I committed her offenses, we’d be in prison serving long sentences.

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