Washington and Turkey jointly escalated naked aggression in Syria, making peace prospects distant at best.

One of the best ways to be misinformed and stay that way is by following deplorable Times propaganda – a longtime imperial mouthpiece, supporting all US wars of aggression, pretending they’re humanitarian missions and Syria is not an exception.

On Wednesday, Turkish military forces supported by US warplanes and hundreds of US-backed terrorists falsely called “moderate rebels” launched naked aggression on northern Syria.

Separate articles on the Lendman blog and other sites posting my work explain what’s going on – entirely different from what The Times reported, beginning with a deceptive headline, saying “Turkey’s Military Plunges Into Syria, Enabling Rebels to Capture ISIS Stronghold.”

Fact: Washington and Turkey jointly escalated naked aggression in Syria, making peace prospects distant at best.

Fact: No so-called “rebels” exist. All anti-Syrian fighters are terrorists, most imported from scores of countries, supported by Washington and its rogue allies, including Turkey.

Fact: Turkey’s current aggression has nothing to do with combating ISIS, its ally, everything to do with battling Kurds and seizing northern Syrian territory with likely designs on annexing it.

Nothing in The Times report explains any of the above – instead falsely claiming Ankara’s invasion with US support “is a significant escalation of Turkey’s role in the fight against the Islamic State…”

Utter rubbish! Washington and Ankara support ISIS. Its fighters were informed in advance about the impending aggression, letting them leave without taking a single casualty.

Ludicrously calling Turkey’s lawless invasion an indication of its “more aggressive diplomatic role in Syria,” The Times claims its “offensive” has “two immediate goals: To clear (ISIS) from (border areas) and roll back recent advances by” Kurdish fighters.

Fact: It has nothing to do with combating ISIS as already explained. Turkey was given a green light to combat Kurdish fighters America claims to support – only while needed, then betrayed, Washington’s way of doing business.

Fact: Erdogan’s main aim is annexing northern Syrian and Iraqi territory, part of his Ottoman empire recreation scheme.

Fact: America approved his aggression and provided direct support. White House spokesman Josh Earnest lied, calling Turkish forces invading Syria “an indication of important progress” in combating ISIS.

The Times consistently misreports – pretending Turkish aggression is stepped up diplomacy. It ignores Washington’s support for ISIS and all other terrorist groups in Syria.

It fails to explain no so-called “moderate rebels” exist. It calls US naked aggression against a sovereign independent nonbelligerent nation civil war. There’s nothing civil about it.

Throughout the conflict, some of the most despicable propaganda in memory substituted for honest accounts in all scoundrel media print and electronic reports – The Times its lead source, supporting all US wars of aggression.

Its August 24 report ended by quoting Erdogan’s Big Lie, saying “Turkey is determined for Syria to retain its territorial integrity and will take matters into its own hands if required to protect that territorial unity.”

“We have only ever sought to help the people of Syria and have no other intentions” – by arming and otherwise aiding ISIS and other terrorist fighters massacre its people with US support and encouragement!

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