President Barack Obama vowed Tuesday that his country will continue to support the illegitimate Ukrainian regime against what he called “Russian aggression” which he alleges originates in the east.

Obama took time to officially congratulate Ukraine as the country celebrates its twenty-fourth anniversary of independence.

“When you work to launch decisive reforms, despite the Russian aggression in the east and the occupation of Crimea, America will remain faithful in its support for Ukraine,” said Obama in his message to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Obama stressed that Ukraine has taken “important steps” to achieve the goal set in 1991: a free, democratic and “integrated country in the heart of Europe”.

In recent weeks, neocons and warmongers in the United States have called for the government to they have become to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine to fight the alleged pro-Russian separatists, but the White House continues to oppose it publicly.

Privately however, the US government has been more than supportive.French President, Francois Hollande, also congratulated Poroshenko. He said that who said that Paris, like the rest of the European Union, will continue to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine and promised to continue to contribute to a political settlement of the conflict.

For his part, Pope Francisco promised to pray for the welfare of Ukraine “in these difficult times”, due to a conflict that has killed nearly 7,000 civilians and combatants, according to the UN.

The pontiff recalled Ukraine during the Angelus prayer ceremony today in St. Peter’s Square and said he remained “deeply concerned” as the conflict “has worsened again.”

Poroshenko warned yesterday that following the upsurge of fighting in recent weeks there is now the possibility of “an escalation of large-scale military actions” in the separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

In practice, Poroshenko has been shelling those regions for months without end.The Ukrainian leader says he plans to present in Berlin a number of proposals to avoid an escalation of violence in the east of the country, where fighting left one Ukrainian army soldier dead yesterday.

Despite continues negotiations held at multilateral meetings and the signing of the Minsk agreements, Ukraine has done little to end the dispute with the eastern provinces. Instead, Poroshenko has violated almost every single term in both Minsk I and II.

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