Speaking from Lima, Peru after attending the APEC summit, Obama recited his customary litany of lies to a Pontifical Catholic University of Peru audience.

Ignoring America’s rape and destruction of one country after another, notably on his watch, he turned truth on its head claiming “(p)eople across the world are securing their human rights,” then asked:

“(H)ow can we make sure that in this rapidly changing world, nobody is left behind and that all of us are stronger and more prosperous?”

“So over the last eight years as President, I’ve worked to strengthen our relationship with the Americas.”

Fact: Wealth disparity in America is unprecedented. Oligarchs and privilege never had things better, ordinary people struggling to get by, living from paycheck to paycheck, one missed one away from homelessness, hunger and despair.

Fact: A previous article explained his ruthless geopolitical agenda, saying he outdid the worst of the Clinton co-presidency and Bush/Cheney.

He terror-bombed seven countries, destabilized others, replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested putschists, orchestrated coups in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil, supported Israeli wars on Palestine, threatened Venezuelan democracy, enforced puppet rule in Haiti, continued Plan Colombia aid, responsible for massacres, disappearances and torture of regime opponents, along with instituting increasingly anti-Sino/Russia policies, risking confrontation with both countries.

Some “strengthen(ing) of relationship(s) with the Americas” and elsewhere worldwide!

Obama: “We stood up for democracy and human rights, fought against corruption and organized crime. We’ve promoted clean energy. We’ve led the global fight against climate change. We opened a new relationship with Cuba.”

Fact: America was never democratic or tolerant of human and civil rights from inception. Corruption is deep-seated. Commitment to fossil fuels and nuclear power takes precedence over clean, renewable energy sources.

Fact: America “led the global fight” to prevent addressing climate change seriously. Results from last year’s Paris agreement were farcical. Monied interests alone were served.

US-Cuba relations are largely unchanged, punishing embargo continuing. America’s aim is exploitation, not normalizing ties responsibly.

Obama: “(Y)ou have a partner in me and you have a partner in the United States government…I want to make sure that we continue to invest in your success.”

Fact: America seeks dominance, forcing other nations to obey Washington rules. Independent leaders are targeted for regime change.

Separately, according to White House aides, Obama won’t go gently into that good night after leaving office. He’ll challenge Trump’s efforts to undue his legacy.

Given his successor’s stated intention to repeal and replace Obamacare, kill TPP, use NATO to combat terrorism, and normalize relations with Russia, he may have a lot of challenging to do.

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