The Superior Prosecutor of Catalunya, handed over to the police instructions to seize all material linked to the referendum.

There is no good government and bad government. There is GOVERNMENT.

Government is not an entity by The People and for The People. It never was and it will never be, because people in government do not serve those who elected them.

One characteristic that all governments share is that they hold the monopoly of force.

Government is a creature that relies on obedience, voluntary or not, and when obedience doesn’t exist, force is always the tool of choice to coerce citizens and to force them to obey.

Compliance with government rules, regulations and policies, no matter how illegal and immoral they are, is of great importance, if the ruling class is to continue squatting on The People. Not one soul should be able to dissent, because the snow ball effect may be catastrophic for the rulers.

The ruling class is so open in the attempt to eviscerate the most basic principles of Western democracy, that it dares to challenge the most sacred right that The People have: Voting.

That is the case of Catalonia.

Whether voting means anything or not, citizens should be able, under all circumstances, to choose among real options what is best for them.

In the case of Catalonia, it is either independence or political, economic and financial subjugation to Spain.

The Catalan people have been under Spanish dominance for centuries, and in their case, it has been too long. Yet, Spain is not just going to let Catalonians exercise their right to vote, for or against independence.

Spain’s oppression against Catalonia extends to the use of force against the Govern, the rightful, constitutionally responsible party that is entitled with the decision to provide its citizens with the possibility to remain as part of Spain, or to choose complete autonomy.

Despite the fact that voting is the most sacred right that citizen possesses, the Catalan Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the mayor of the Mossos de Esquadra, Josep Lluís Trapero, as well as the Civil Guard and the National Police Corps in Catalonia to avoid the “commission of the crime” and to “confiscate ballot boxes” and all material aimed at preparing and holding the referendum on 1 October.

Following a meeting on Monday afternoon, the Office of the Public Prosecutor issued a statement in which all judicial police units must persecute anyone who is involved in preparing and holding the “referendum on illegal self-determination.”

At the meeting, the Superior Prosecutor of Catalonia, José María Romero de Tejada, handed over to the three police commanders the instruction dated 8 September, in which the three are ordered to seize all material linked to the referendum on self-determination of 1 of October.

“Police officers, in order to avoid consummation or exhaustion of crimes, shall proceed directly to take the necessary measures to intervene the effects or instruments intended to prepare or hold the illegal referendum, requisition of ballot boxes, electoral envelopes, polling stations, electoral forms, electoral propaganda, computer equipment, as well as any other material for the dissemination, promotion or execution of the illegal referendum,” says one of the paragraphs of the statement.

In its brief, the prosecution itself recalls that it has the capacity to carry out this investigation outside the scope of any further judicial action and it asks the three commanders for speed and urgency in drafting police reports. That is, it orders them to investigate and locate the material intended to be used by the Generalitat for the celebration of the consultation.

So far, only the Civil Guard has taken steps to locate ballots, and in fact has requested the registration of a printing press in Constantí, which is suspected of having electoral material.

The National Police, on the other hand, assures those responsible that they will work in the same direction and the Mossos d’Esquadra are the only ones who in the last hours have refused to make any statement about this instruction, if they will go to a specific unit of a specific police station to investigate the whereabouts of that material.

In its instruction, the prosecution expressly reminds the Mossos d’Esquadra that “they are obliged to follow the instructions” of the prosecutor, and it also reminds them that “due obedience” to their political leaders “cannot protect orders involving the execution of acts contrary to the Constitution.”

In other words, the Public Ministry reminds Major Trapero that he should not obey orders or instructions from his political superiors if they are contrary to the law.

In this regard, the prosecution’s instruction urges the Mossos to urgently prepare a statement with all the necessary information on the existence or knowledge of any facts related to the preparations for the referendum.

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