Some people believe that the State Sponsored Educational System has been the best thing since the invention of the wheel. Some attribute to the State Sponsored Educational System traditional achievements such as freedom, tolerance, progress and solidarity.

That view certainly is respected, but reality shows exactly the opposite.

The following is my opinion on what exactly have been the achievements of the State -sponsored Educational System, both public and private.

Traditionally, since the inception of the current ‘educational’ model, which was copied from the Prussian Empire, both public and private education have been one of the worst scourges of humanity that have helped in the dumbing down of millions of people through hundreds of years.

The current ‘educational’ system has not only served to kill the creativity of humanity to turn them subservient objects of the State, but it has also transformed us into zombies just smart enough to operate machines and fill out the documents that make us legal slaves of the State under a system of debt while being paid starvation wages.

In this ‘educational’ system we have, of which I was a victim, teachers do not have the preparation to teach, schools do not have the minimum resources to prepare pupils and students do not have the desire to learn.

If the public or private ‘education’ were really a source of freedom, tolerance, progress, solidarity and similar qualities, it would not exist, because who ever created it did not do so with the intention to make us creative, free, tolerant or inclusive.

On the contrary, the intention was always to have an army of civilians who were so dependent, intolerant and selfish that they would think it’s worth defending the system of slavery in which they live.

This is not only my opinion, but it is the reflection of our global reality. Most of the mass of civilians indoctrinated for the best part of three generations now defend the State led bribery scheme better known as ‘Welfare State’, promote the compulsory public ‘educational’  system, defend the system of government that has made them slaves – which is often called Democracy – although this system of government is nothing else than a battle of classes in social, political and racial issues between the majority, 50.1%, and the minority, the remaining 49.9%.

Humanity has degenerated so much, that during the time it has been subjected to the traditional ‘educational’ system, it is easy to find people who, for example, reject violence of an individual against another in a mugging, but approve State violence through taxation and unconstitutional mandates. You may find people who reject violence against women, but at the same time approve the mass murder of civilians in other countries, violence against minorities in their own country and even physical abuse against their own children.

I close with the words of Ian Williams Goddard on where we are and where we are going.

“A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State police Dictatorship it is going to get.”

In the case of modern society, the dictatorship is not only political and military, but also intellectual. It is governed by cognitive dissonance, the inability of an individual or a society to abandon cognitions such as ideas, beliefs and emotions that were implanted in their minds but that contradicted what the facts and reality show.

Today, the human cognitive system is going through a period of great existential dissonance or inconsistency that challenges their precognition system imposed on them by the ‘educational’ system which is believed to have been responsible for ??the greatest human advances.

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