More than one million migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe by land and sea so far this year.

Most of them, about 816,000, entered Greece from Turkey, according to the latest accounting by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR).

One-half of the migrants who used the Turkish passageway were Syrian refugees, fleeing the conflict in their country; 20% were Afghan citizens. Both Syria and Afghanistan have been systematically destroyed by the United States armed forces and their proxy terrorist groups, which is the main reason for the massive displacement of people from those countries.

More than 3,600 people have died or disappeared while trying to enter Europe, according to data collected by the IOM.

The majority, 2,889, of those who lost their lives trying to enter Europe, died in the sea crossing between North Africa and Italy. More than 700 died while trying to cross from Turkey to Greece in the Aegean.

The latest route that is being used by migrants is the Balkan route, that migrants use to try to reach Germany and northern Europe.

“As anti-immigration sentiment is increasing, we must recognize the positive contributions of refugees and migrants to the societies in which they live,” said António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees in a press release.

“We know that immigration is inevitable, it is necessary and desirable,” added William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General. “Immigration must be legal and safe for all, for the migrants themselves and for the countries that become their new home,” he added.

it is the illegality and lack of safety in the arrival of over one million people what has raised the most opposition to the mass movement of people from war zones. Neither do European governments nor the United states have the ability to vet the origin of the migrants since most of them arrive in Europe and the U.S. without valid documents. Many of them have been found to have bought fake passports which in many cases have been made by ISIS.

In Europe alone, most of the migrants are men, not women or children, whose actions, after having entered refugee camps in Europe, show their lack of willingness to adhere by the rules, laws and cultural traditions of their country of entry.

So-called migrants have been caught destroying private property, invading homes and attacking women in the towns where they have been released into by European authorities. Small cities in France, Germany and Italy have been forced by local authorities to accept thousands of migrants.

Immigration is desirable as long as those who arrive in new lands are open to at least respecting their hosts, embrace the new culture and not want to impose their religious and cultural desires on others.

In Europe, immigration is not inevitable; it has been made so by the authorities who are looking for excuses to ramp up their police state measures as well as the intentional balkanization of the European and North American people by demanding that everyone accepts the arrival of religious radicals.

No one in the West denies that men, women and children from war zones deserve a better future. What they demand is that those who come in must be vetted to avoid the infiltration of terrorists who intend to carry out attacks against western populations with or without the help of western governments.

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