Are we free of expressing ourselves in any way, shape or form?

Despite the latest alleged Al-Qaeda terror attack in Paris France, the truth is that free speech and freedom of expression are the base for any society to progress. This is not only true nowadays, but it has been true for hundreds or even thousands of years.

The recent Paris attacks are proof of the irrational world in which we live, where it is OK to submit entire nations by force, but it is not OK to say what we want to say about something or someone.

The volatile religious and political fundamentalism we experience today, are the result of the massive influence exercised by western colonizers against any nation-state – especially in the Middle East and Africa – that dares to live without the debt, the wars and the corruption that western powers call ‘democracy’.

The Charlie Hebdo terrorist Attack in Paris, France, as pointed out by Stefan Molyneux, are a reflection of forced poverty, misery and above all, forced mass migrations which are mostly originated in impoverished regions of the world.

Western interference in the Middle East and Africa, through Israel and AFRICOM have motivated natives to flee their homes by the millions.

Bribery practices by the West, mainly the United States, has assured the historical policies of political and religious volatility that serve as the excuse for more intervention, more war and more migration.

By directly supporting corrupt regimes, the United States has undoubtedly secured his position in the regions where people are the poorest and where lawlessness abounds.

If western democratic governments are known for being deeply rotten, traditionally corrupt African and Middle Eastern regimes are a clear reflection of their sponsors.

As Molyneux points out, free trade agreements or simply commercial and financial impositions from the West, drive conflict, famine and massive migration of millions of people from the East to the West and those millions of people who in the last 50 years have populated Western Europe and the United States now are strongly dependent on well-fare state type policies that are unsustainable at current rates.

Most western countries have struggled for years to provide well-fare to their own citizens and not even the continuous printing of debt currency has allowed them to get ahead.

The latest attacks in France are not a direct or indirect consequence of a cartoon or of disrespect towards a religious figure, but the result of “cultural incompatibility”, adds Molyneux.

“When you have people from vastly different cultures coming into a new culture it’s not much of a melting pot, especially when there is are visible racial differences between the two groups.”

The type of social instability we are experiencing in Europe, the United States and the Middle East is a direct consequence of the intolerance among cultures that have been literally thrown, and in many cases forced into a basket to coexist without any careful consideration.

The brutal murder of innocent people in Paris are just a taste of what is coming not only to the rest of Europe but also the United States as social, economic and political fracturing continues to mark sharper and sharper differences among ethnic groups.

On the other hand, of course, there is room to doubt that this so-called attack was a real attack. A video of a shooter that supposedly blew up a police officer’s head with an AK-47 at close range leaves no blood on the sidewalk, much less his head blown in pieces, although the clip makes for great television and propaganda for the news networks and for more attacks on free speech.

See it for yourself on this LiveLeak video.

If the murder of a police officer with an AK-47 by alleged Al-Qaeda members is faked, as this video shows, what else could be faked in order to make the public comply with anything the perpetrators of this false-flag want?

Think about it.

In a world where massive jetliners disappear from the air without leaving any trace and where skyscrapers collapse at free fall speed for no reason, faking a shooting is definitely not an impossible feat.

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