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Political Correctness is key in Centralizing Power 

Political Correctness Is A Manipulative Tool For Centralizing Power.

Recently, The Daily Caller‘s Ginni Thomas interviewed former intelligence analyst, Stella Morabito, a self-proclaimed ‘realist’ who was brought up in a “far Left” household.

During her interview with Thomas, Morabito, a student of propaganda and media analysis, explains in great detail how the Elite’s push to construct a sterile, politically correct society is key for the centralization of power and control.

According to Morabito, mass ignorance is key in bringing about the type of society we live in and the kind of environment the Elite has planned for us all. She says that the very human fear of being rejected is one of the pillars of the current move to divide social groups that would otherwise make strong links among individuals.

Separating society into small groups and making those groups go after each other is paramount if the Elite is to be successful in destroying human identity. Language manipulation through the imposition of a veil of semantic fog has become a powerful tool in turning individuals into self-censoring, mindless and easily controllable beings.

By manipulating history, the Elite have kept humanity’s past from everyone and by bringing children up, from a very early age, in an identity[less] world, its members have succeeded in their plan to turn everyone who is not mentally strong into a easily controllable vessel who will do anything it is told to do in exchange for what he or she perceived as acceptance.

The effective capture of society is done via the most important communication outlets, including the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia, religion, and more recently, the family. “If you push an agenda to centralize power, you need mass ignorance and effective propaganda,” Morabito explains.

The agenda to manipulate society is being used by the extreme Left and that most Conservatives have no clue about this plan. According to her, Conservatives are not even capable of recognizing that such an agenda exists. “I think it is a lot for Conservatives to grasp, and it would be possible that Elite’s would be trending us around, especially in the United States.”

The Elite’s agenda to centralize power and control is brought upon society in disguise, hidden behind messages of fairness, equality and anyone who dares speak their mind against the brainwashing movement is immediately accused of driving homophobic speech, racism, anti-semitism, of being a womanizer, a holocaust denier, a ‘flat earther’ and so on.

You can watch Morabito’s full interview with The Daily Caller below. But, a word of warning first. It is required that you prepare to have an open mind before an individual can even begin to understand what the former intelligence analyst explains in deep detail.

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About the author: Luis R. Miranda

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder & editor of The Real Agenda News. His career spans over 23 years in every form of news media. He writes about environmentalism, education, technology, science, health, immigration and other current affairs. Luis has worked as on-air talent, news reporter, television producer, and news writer.

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