David Miranda, the current sentimental partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained under terrorism laws at Heathrow Airport, although authorities had no information about his connection with any suspicious activity or terrorist group. Glenn Greenwald is the journalist who publishes Edward Snowden intelligence about the National Security Agency’s illegal spying program, which extends all over the planet.

According to British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, Greenwald’s employer, British authorities held Mr. Miranda when he was a passenger in transit from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro where he currently lives.

Miranda was detained under Article Seven of the 2000 Anti-Terrorism Act, which allows staff working in immigration controls at borders to hold and interrogate any individual for up to nine hours without any justification. That is right. Immigration authorities can simply decide to hold anyone for no reason for up to nine hours at airport facilities or border crossings. According to the law, people held in this manner must be either arrested to released after the nine-hour period, which is what happened to Miranda. He was then able to continue his trip to Brazil.

‘The Guardian’ has highlighted that 97 percent of the arrests under Article Seven last less than an hour. However, the British authorities held Miranda for nine hours, without having any information regarding his potential participation in any illegal activity. Additionally, the British seized electronic equipment from Mr. Miranda, including a laptop, a mobile phone, a camera, a game console and several memory cards and DVDs.

Miranda had traveled to Berlin to meet with U.S. journalist Laura Poitras, who has been working with Greenwald sorting out thousands of documents leaked by the former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden.

Poitras and Greenwald have written a series of articles for the British newspaper The Guardian based on Snowden’s material which continues to reveal the illegal works of  the U.S. intelligence apparatus, and also on espionage intelligence services in the UK, Germany and other US partners.

Attack the press

Given the lack of a solid reason to detain Miranda, both Greenwald and the newspaper The Guardian have shown concern about Miranda’s detention. Mr. Greenwald said that his experience “is a profound attack on press freedom” because “it is clearly intended to send an intimidating message to all who have reported on this issue.” “The actions from the UK pose a serious threat to journalists around the world,” he argued.

However, he warned that “the last thing it has done is to intimidate or dissuade us from doing our job as journalists. Instead, we are encouraged to continue to report more aggressively,” he underlined.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has said it is “appalled” and urged British authorities to “urgently” explain what happened. A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed the detention of Mr. Miranda, but refused to explain why they withheld him. “He has not been arrested,” the spokesperson stated.

Political Revenge

No doubt that Miranda’s detention is an attempt to intimidate everyone who is directly participating in deciphering and publishing Mr. Snowden’s intelligence on the abuses that governments commit regarding people’s privacy. Snowden became a public figure last June 7, when he revealed that the National Security Agency of the United States has a program called PRISM which access servers of nine Internet companies, with the companies’ consent, for Intelligence gathering of so-called useful information.

When the news was published, the former intelligence agent was in Hong Kong, but a week later he decided to abandon the former British colony for Moscow, where he had remained in the Sheremetyevo International Airport as a “transit passenger”. More recently, Snowden received asylum by the Russian government which will keep him there for at least one year.

Snowden requested political asylum in 21 countries, including Spain, but eventually it was Russia the one that granted it last August 1.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has, at least temporarily, moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he continues to work on publishing the document’s provided by Snowden. It is likely that Mr. Miranda and not Greenwald was the one who took the trip to Berlin because it was predictable that political revenge was going to be one of the ways in which the globalist establishment was going to get back at those who are working to inform the public about their governments’ secret moves to invade their privacy.

Previous to this event in London, other journalists have mysteriously died in the United States. First was the founder of Breitbart.com, Mr. Andrew Breitbart, who all of a sudden apparently suffered a heart attack in the middle of the night. Breitbart was working on a report that he had said, would bring down the Obama administration. More recently, journalist Michael Hastings, a reporter investigating government officials such as CIA director John Brennan was the victim of an unexplained car explosion. Coincidentally, one of the forensic technicians who investigated the case, Michael Cormier, died of arsenic poisoning, police said. Too many coincidences in two closely related cases?

Certainly these are not good days for investigative journalism. It seems that there are many people out there who don’t want the public to know what they are up to, and they will do anything it takes to make sure that remains the same.

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