Poor parenting and tough childhoods are not reasons to justify violence of any kind. The definition of a “threat” seems to be  unclear before cops pull the trigger on unarmed citizens.

OP/ED – Officer Darren Wilson did shoot and kill Michael Brown; that we know for certain.

The cause of the shooting will never be known 100 percent.

People will continue to speculate about whether Brown charged Wilson or if it was Wilson – who seems to have a very weak personality to walk around with a gun – the person that abused his power and in doing so ended up “cold-bloodily” killing Brown.

What I am sure about is that the U.S. is a hatred-filled society, where white people fear blacks and blacks despise white people.

Ultimately, though, crimes committed among humans stem not from social differences but from the lack of responsibility from the parents who do not educate their children properly.

There are under-educated blacks as well as under-educated whites, Latinos, Asians and so on.

The American society of today is a faithful reflection of the lack of good parenting.

Officer Wilson is directly responsible for the death of Michael Brown because he shot him, but Brown’s parents are just as guilty for not educating him properly.

Provoking a white cop with a gun is not a good idea anywhere. An educated conversation would have solved the issue and Brown would be alive and well today.

The same can be said about steroid-head white cops who more often than not abuse their power to “teach” unarmed people a lesson.

Most police don’t have the guts to fight an unarmed citizen hand to hand. At the first sign of a threat, they reach for their gun and empty it on whites, Latinos and especially on blacks.

The problem is, I think, there isn’t a clear definition of what is considered a threat before a police officer unloads his gun on someone.

A 12-year-old black kid with a fake plastic gun, for example, should not qualify as a threat, however, a cop recently shot a kid that age.

The only solution to police and social violence of any kind is responsible parenting.

Failing to raise your child properly ends up turning children into insecure adults who will do whatever is permissible to not reflect their insecurity.

Please don’t tell me that one cannot expect a well-educated black, a well-educated Latino or a well-educated white person to come out of a poor, tough neighborhood.

I know plenty of people who, despite their disadvantages, managed to break free from drugs, alcohol and violence.

Poverty and social inequality are not reasons to behave like punks.

Responsible adults will certainly not come from uneducated children. It does not matter whether they are white or black.

Parents need to grow up before they even attempt to raise their children.


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