No DACA recipients or people who have violated immigration laws will be deported as long as they have a clean record and are earning a living based on legal activities.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With 10,000 to 15,000 new border agents and a stop to the infamous catch and release policy, the US President has effectively begun to hunt down criminal illegal aliens.

Donald Trump has opened the door to massive deportations. New National Security Department guidelines, released Tuesday, bury the legacy of Barack Obama and extend the spectrum to almost all undocumented people.

It is not just that officials increase their powers or the hiring of 15,000 new agents. The core of the immigration offensive lies in the possibility of applying immediate expulsions to virtually all those undocumented immigrants who have been in the country for less than three years and who have pending deportations orders or who have committed felony crimes.

The country that grew large for decades as politicians refused to enforce existing immigration laws, now seems to be back on track to dealing with at least 750,000 ilegal aliens who have committed atrocious crimes against the country and its people. But the Trump administration doesn’t want to cause fear on those who make a living through honest means: “We do not want to create panic or to carry out massive deportations, but only to enforce the law,” a spokesman said.

To date, the agents had as a priority the capture of all those who had committed a serious crime. “Everyone who violates immigration laws may be subject to new procedures, including expulsion from the United States,” the directive says.

Under this premise, the system becomes coercive in all its phases, as it should have been from the beginning. Undocumented immigrants will be permanently in the spotlight, their capture will be easier and even their provisional release after their arrest will be restricted until they are vetted.

“This measure will be used exceptionally and only in cases where, after careful consideration of the circumstances, it is deemed necessary for humanitarian reasons or for a significant public benefit,” the order reads.

Far from exhausting the possibilities of the legal system, the objective of the new plan is to return the undocumented to their countries of origin as soon as possible.

This modality was applied to date to immigrants who had spent less than two weeks in the country and were no more than 160 kilometers from the US southern border.

With the new guidelines, geographic boundaries are nullified and the possibility of its application extends to all those who have been up to two years on US territory. The exception will be the minors, asylum seekers and those who can demonstrate the legality of their immigration status. People who have been in the US for a longer period will not be targeted.

According to the scope of the new order, the parents with children will not have a special consideration. By contrast, in order to cut off the flow of minors from Central America, which has exceeded, according to conservative estimates, three million since the 1980s, punishment for their parents is hardened and criminal prosecution is permitted if they have used human trafficking practices to enter the US.

The scenario is completed with a radical expansion of the powers of immigration agents. To achieve maximum operability, Secretary of Homeland Security, former Marine General John F. Kelly, has ordered agents to exercise “full authority to arrest any alien who is considered to have violated immigration rules.” Of course, people will have the opportunity to prove that they have the proper paperwork to be in the US before a final decision is made.

The text sets certain priorities for arrests. The main objective is to catch and deport anyone that agents understand is a “risk to public safety.”

In this plan, Mexico figures as a great target. In fulfillment of his campaign promises, Trump has launched the search for funds to “design, build and maintain the wall”.

It also opens the process to “identify and quantify all direct or indirect sources of federal aid and assistance to the Mexican Government.” Although not specified, this section aims to know the amount that the neighbor of the South receives from Washington and use it to force the payment of the wall by Mexico, one of the promises made by the President of the United States.

With this new order, Trump manages to materialize what may be his biggest campaign promise: the pursuit of illegal immigration. As Trump himself said during the campaign, “A country that cannot protect its border is not a country. It’s crazy,” the president said.

While Trump does his best to realize many of his campaign promises, people who disagree with his policies use offensive language to define him and his directives. Xenophobic, racist and anti-women are some of the adjectives used not only by people who participate in marches all over the country, but also by mainstream media talking heads and pundits. Strangely, none of these people said anything or had any objection when Barack Obama deported almost 3 million people during his mandate, a number that was higher than any other president of the United States before him.

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