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Pro-Independence Parties win in Catalonian Elections 


Popular participation was the second highest in history and proportionally higher than any Spanish election.

Junts pel SI and CUP, the two parties that favor independence in Catalonia celebrated the election results tonight all over the state.

With 91 percent of the votes counted, Junts pel SI had won 63 percent of the seats in the Catalonian Parliament, while CUP had won 10 seats. Junts pel SI also won the popular vote with over 1.58 million votes.

The party that won the second place in the number of seats, Ciutadans, was far behind with just over 700,000 popular votes.

During their speeches after having counted over 80 percent of the votes, Artur Mas, the president of the Generalitat (the Catalonian government) and leader of the pro-independence movement asked opposition parties to respect the results and to publicly recognize their loss, while supporters yelled “un sol poble”, one single people.

Despite the numbers, members of opposition parties such as the PP and Ciutadans quickly went on media outlets to say that the pro-independence movement had lost, because Junts pel SI had not won the majority on Parliament. The number to have absolute majority was 68, while Junts pel SI got 62.

Meanwhile, the PSC, the Socialist Party of Catalonia, congratulated Junt pel SI for the victory, but also said that due to the massive numbers of votes obtained, the by the pro-independence parties, it was necessary to govern the state with a lot of responsibility. Junts pel SI won a total of 890 of a total of 947 municipalities in Catalonia with 91 percent of votes tallied.

One of the most significant results of the Catalonian elections was the collapse of the PP, the government’s party, that only obtained 11 seats of a total of 135.

ERC President and number five in the nomination, Oriol Junqueras, said that the pro-independence movement has won “in seats and votes,”  and considered that there is already a “democratic mandate” to carry out the process towards the independence of Catalonia.

“We are writing the most glorious pages of our history,” he proclaimed before his ecstatic supporters who gathered in front of the Cultural Centre at El Born.

Junqueras added that “for years we have worked to have an explicit mandate for independence and now that is what we have.”

“We have more than enough support to go ahead with this project, and in the coming weeks we will be working from the institutions and the street to build the foundations to create this independent state in which we believe and for which we have worked,” he added.

“Tonight and tomorrow with a smile and with responsibility we will begin to write the most glorious pages of our history,” he concluded.

After intervention by the leader of ERC, Catalan president and No. 4 paper candidacy Junts Yes, Artur Mas, said that today “has gained itself and democracy” and stressed that it has confirmed the plebiscite nature of Catalan elections.

Sunday’s elections culminate a process of four years in which the pro-independence has gained weight in the political debate to set the agenda towards independence

Participation data provided by the Government in the middle of election day are a clear indicator of the importance of these elections. A total of 77 percent of all Catalans who were able to vote went to the voting centers and issued their support in favor and against independence. The massive

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