It was one minute to midnight in the U.S. instigated Ukrainian war just as it was a few months ago in Syria. Right when Barack Obama was prepared to advanced his war mongering policies, Vladimir Putin made another maestro move.

Mr. Putin proved once again that Russia cannot be compared to the Soviet Union. It cannot be painted blood red just because a few neocons want to. Putin’s success in avoiding war also proves that America is not exceptional at all. In fact, America is the standard, the average, more of the same, the status quo.

The United States is more of the same as it has been since the end of WWII, a war-mongering, genocide-pushing, free-nation-bombing, inquisition-loving country, whose population could not be living any further from reality.

Putin beating Obama and the United States war machine is not a surprise or a nuisance anymore. It is now more evident than ever before that Putin is more influential than Obama in the Western world. Putin has done something simple that Obama cannot.

Mr. Putin reaches out to fellow world leaders to negotiate peace and is successful at doing it while Obama sits at home preaching to everyone about how wonderful and unique America is and how strongly the United States supports democracy.

Putin has politically humiliated Obama not because he is more powerful than the seating U.S. president, but because he has shown a stronger desire to avoid conflict. Putin has been successful even in the Eastern hemisphere, shaking hands and making deals with China, India and Egypt.

In the meantime, Obama foolishly trusts his Ministry of Propaganda, both in the United States and abroad, to spread disinformation about what the U.S. wants the world to do and to believe.

Unfortunately for Obama and his corporate backers, the spread of information is no longer in the hands of the mainstream media, a group of ideological and political prostitutes that can no longer deceive the public. While new media rises like the phoenix, mainstream media collapses on its own feces.

Both Europe and the East have learned that siding with Obama and the neocons on beating the drums of war is not profitable in any way.

Although most heads of state, including those who achieved the ceasefire in Ukraine, are under the control of supranational institutions whose leaders are in turn owned by corporate interests, it has become more apparent that, due to public awakening, presidents and prime ministers are weary of following to global centralized control and instead have opted for sitting down to talk peace, growth and sovereignty rather than pushing war as a business, imposing austerity and yielding power to Brussels.

In this Putin has also gotten ahead of Obama. As president of Russia, Vladimir Putin has sat down to the negotiating table with China, Iran, India and Egypt to create trade relations in their own currencies, thus abandoning the artificially strengthened dollar. He has also negotiated two peace agreements in Syria and Ukraine while still directing, at Israel”s dispair, the nuclear disarmament negotiations between Iran and the West.

While Obama appears on national and international television to tell everyone how much of a realist he is, what his vision is and how hard is it to maintain stability around the world, Putin has shown Obama through actions and tangible results, how diplomacy, not war-mongering economic sanctions or catchy rhetoric, is still more successful than “twisting arms” and threatening countries with military might.

Mr. Putin is light years ahead of the American president in using diplomacy and seeking peace agreements. Peace is something America has not worked for in over half a century.

No matter how much the USA Today hates it, in Ukraine, Putin has had the last laugh.

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