The current situation that we are experiencing with the coronavirus is having and will continue to have, very significant repercussions at all levels.

I think no one denies that the coronavirus will be a turning point at some levels. But what about our boys and girls? Who takes care of them, who thinks about them and who covers their basic emotional and social needs? Why can’t children go outside?

Of course, politicians and senior officials do not waste a second of their time thinking about how to keep people confined.

Fortunately, they are asymptomatic in the face of this pandemic that we are experiencing and suffering, but COVID-19 has and will have great repercussions for them.

Sigmund Freud said that the three great fears of the human being are the fear of chaos, attack and loss or abandonment.

In these moments of so much suffering and uncertainty we are afraid of the chaotic situation that we are living, the attack of a virus that is killing many people worldwide is lurking, and, ultimately, we are afraid of losing our loved ones.

Of course, among the most vulnerable groups to experience these three types of fears are our sons and daughters. I never tire of repeating the great importance of protecting children.

As long as politicians, rulers and people of power continue without protecting our children, continue to silence them and disregard them as citizens not of the future, but of the present, it will be up to mothers and fathers to take charge.

Taking charge must be done without fear and suffering, to the extent of our possibilities, to cover the needs children have so that they can emerge strengthened or, at least not damaged, from this terrible situation we are experiencing.

That is why, with the intention of putting mothers and fathers to work, there is a list of guidelines, so that mothers and fathers raise them successfully in these days of confinement.

Of course, there are general guidelines that must be adapted to each child, age, personality, and circumstance:


It is clear that we cannot follow the school routine but it is important to follow a new routine now. Avoiding getting up too late in the morning and also not going to bed too late at night is important to get body and mind used to a new way of life.

Exercise and diet:

It is advisable to try to exercise daily, even if we do not have the country or the city to go running. In addition, it is easy to fall into bad eating habits due to the stress and anxiety situation we live in. Do not get carried away by the ultra-processed foods and the sugars that soothe so much in a situation of stress.

Mental activity:

It is important to keep our children mentally active with games and activities such as board games, finding the seven differences, puzzles, etc.


It is a good time to help our children develop their autonomy with tasks such as learning to make their bed, brush their teeth alone, tie their laces, cook a delicious snack, etc.

Of course, all activities to promote autonomy must take into account the age and circumstance of the minor.


Surely, there will be situations and activities that our children will want to carry out but it will not be possible, such as going outside. This is a good time to build tolerance for frustration and learn to wait.


Having time for our children to express what emotions they experience is essential. Surely, anger, sadness and fear will appear on several occasions. Let them express them and take charge of them. Don’t forget to also express your fears and your moments of sadness and worry.


So many days and so many hours can help us bond more and better with our children. We have before us a great opportunity that we must take advantage of to team up and bond with them in a healthy way.

Healthy boredom:

It is the emotion of non-emotion. There will be times when our children get bored. It will be a great learning opportunity for them. Allow it.


Dancing, painting, coloring, doing puzzles, reading stories, crafts, playing the world backward, promoting symbolic games, playing hide and seek, etc.

New stuff:

You can surely have the feeling the time we are spending at home is the same. It’s like groundhog day, right? Although a routine is necessary, it is also okay for us to do some routines differently. For example, candlelight dining, dressing up, or a pillow fight may be some ideas that can be useful and entertaining.


Curiosity encourages concentration and learning. A task as simple as announcing to our children that we have a small surprise ready for them at six in the afternoon can be very motivating. And the task can be as simple as doing a snack with pancakes and cream. Many times, the key lies in simplicity.

Electronic devices:

Of course, you can “survive” confinement without watching television, but if you are not willing, it is important that there are a series of very clear rules for its use and enjoyment.

These are some of the guidelines that can make day-to-day with our children at home more bearable. All of them are common sense but it is not wrong to refresh them so that these days are more pleasant and profitable.

Let’s be part of the mothers and fathers who are educating their children successfully, so they are happier and more resilient, in times of Coronavirus.

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