Vaccinating the whole planet, ending pandemics, eliminating carbon emissions and solving climate change; making democracies prevail over autocracies; make corporations pay higher taxes; ending poverty and injustice; stopping the expansion of China, and eliminating the danger of cyber attacks. Who would not be in favor of all these wholesome initiatives?

Dreaming is not a problem. Unfortunately, dreams are one thing and reality is another.  as much as Boris Johnson expressed his desire to have a healthier, greener and fairer new world, what should catch our attention are not the dreams, but the tools used to achieve them and the dangerous results -unintended or not- that they will have on everyone.

So-called leaders who plan on eliminating genders and feminizing their “democracies” are neither leaders nor representatives of democracy. G7 nations are conduits for globalism, oppression of their citizens and destroyers of freedom. There’s no democracy where authenticity is non-existent, and authenticity is exactly what world leaders are trying to eradicate.

While so-called world leaders work hard on destroying Western society, indoctrinated protesters were shaming them for the carbon emissions generated by their trips to the UK, their teams and hundreds of journalists, which would have been avoided if the meeting had been through Zoom. How is that for brainwashing?

But one of the messages of the summit is that face-to-face diplomacy has returned, in which it is possible to study the gestures and body language of the interlocutors.

Thus, US President Joe Biden, who until now had not had any face-to-face meeting with other colleagues, invited Chancellor Angela Merkel to Washington to speak, among other things, about the German dependence on Russian natural gas and the controversial construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“It is essential to learn from the mistakes of our response to the 2008 financial crisis, to combat inequality and achieve a better balance between rich and poor countries,” proclaimed Johnson, extrapolating his successful electoral tactic of selling off people consciousness by offering money and projects to the entire planet.

While with one hand he cuts the foreign aid budget under the pretext of the pandemic, with devastating consequences for countries such as Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia or Afghanistan, with the other he announced yesterday the donation of one hundred million vaccines and 500 million euros for educational programs aimed at girls.

“It is about our responsibility, our humanitarian obligation. The economy has to be more feminine or gender neutral ”, he affirmed to the shock of many millions who witnessed his opening statement.

After taking the family photo, the G-7 leaders addressed the issues on the agenda, such as the need to take concrete measures once and for all to combat global warming, stop Russia and China, and implement the decision of their finance ministers to apply a tax minimum of 15% to large corporations.

Johnson tried unsuccessfully to get City of London businesses an exemption from that rule amid general surprise.

“The time has come,” said Biden, “to show that we are capable of responding to the great challenges of the moment.” But the idea of ​​building a new world, less polluted, less sick and less unjust, no matter how beautiful, can generate considerable skepticism in view of the precedents.

Even the Atlanticist, multilateralist and inclusive message of Biden, in contrast to the Trump era, does not generate fervor among European diplomats. “In the end it is always a question of interests – in the words of one of them.

The United States wants a more aggressive attitude from the EU towards China and Russia, but we have Putin at a stone’s throw, they need his gas and Germany sells six million Volkswagens to Beijing, while the Americans increasingly look towards the Pacific.

The dividing lines of geopolitics are a tough nut to crack, international relations are not rebuilt overnight and a better, greener, healthier and just world, as they claim to be their main objective, is not built in seven days.

In appearance, national interests, even without Donald Trump as the leader of the free world, will prevail after all, and that is good for freedom. The moment these buffoons agree on a way to bring about the global policies and to ram them down our throats, globalism will be strengthened and national interests will be damned.

Vaccinating oneself should be a personal decision, not an imposition of politicians. Ending pandemics can be achieved without vaccinations. It is just a matter of stopping irresponsible gain-of-function experiments. Our planet needs CO2 as a source for greening and food production. Eliminating CO2 would mean less food for us all. Climate change is inevitable, not because we are causing it, but because the reasons for climate to change are beyond our understanding and power to intervene. Making democracies prevail depends on us, The People, educating ourselves to keep corrupt, compromised politicians from getting a hold of power. Making corporations pay higher taxes will not end poverty or injustice; but it will stifle innovation and development. No sane investor will put money, time and resources where there is no security. Stopping the expansion of China, and cyberattack from Russia will not be successful endeavors until G7 leaders stop being lackeys for globalist interests which are very much aligned with China’s interests and their rise to power.

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