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RINOs Throw their Support behind Hillary Clinton 


RINOs are Republicans In Name Only. That is, politicians and advisers who, despite calling himself a Republican, supports positions that do not reflect the view of the majority of Republicans or that of the presidential candidate.

RINOs are used to doing political cross-dressing. At times they wear the Republican outfit and at times they move across the street to the Democrat camp. They do this as a matter of convenience, because in reality, they are not Republicans or Democrats, they are political pawns who serve the highest-paying globalist interest.

This week, a small group of so-called senior Republicans, who occupied positions of national security in the past, published a letter expressing their opposition to the candidacy of Donald Trump by the Conservative Party because they consider him a “danger”.

In the letter, Republicans say that “Trump is not qualified to be commander in chief” and that he will be a “dangerous president who will put our national security and well-being at risk.”

Although the text does not give an explicit endorsement to the candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton, it says that “Trump is not the answer” to questions posed against the former Secretary of State.

The signatories criticize the “lack of character, values and experience” as well as basic knowledge to govern, which will weaken the United States worldwide, they say.

“Mr. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of understanding of the national interest of the United States and its complex diplomatic challenges, its indispensable alliances and democratic values on which US foreign policy is based,” the letter added.

The statement closes with a categorical conclusion: “We are convinced that in the Oval Office, (Trump) will be the most irresponsible president in American history.”

Among the signatories are John Negroponte, Director of National Intelligence with George W. Bush; Robert Zoellick, former World Bank director and deputy secretary of state under Bush, Michael Hyden, director of the CIA also during the term of the predecessor of the current US president, Barack Obama.

This letter has been paraded around the mainstream media as a big blow to Trump, because, according to the media, should he win in November, his mandate would lack the collaboration of some of the best accredited national security experts of the conservative orbit.

Reality, however, could not be farther from the truth. First of all, the people who signed the letter and RINOs and only RINOs. They are not Republican leaders or national security experts. They are RINOs, who sell their support to the globalist cabal who is in control of the United States government, which is why they come out against Trump.

But not all fake Republicans have turned their back on the voters who elected Trump as their candidate. There is one Bush, out of several men in the infamous dynasty, who appears to be supporting Trump for President. That man is ironically Jeb Bush’s son, George P. Bush.

He is the director of the Republican presidential campaign in Texas, and as such Bush appealed to support the “nominee” even if it means a “bitter pill” to swallow.

“From the ‘Bush Team’ it is a bitter pill to swallow, but you get up and help the man who won, and you make sure to stop Hillary Clinton,” Bush said during a rally with Republican leaders in Texas over the weekend, according to local media.

As director of the campaign, Bush, who also serves as Texas Land Commissioner, is responsible for fundraising and organizing the party for the November contest in the southern state.

Jeb’s son, considered one of the young promises of the party, had been widely criticized for exercising the leadership of the campaign in Texas without having supported Trump directly

With the formula of the “bitter pill”, George P. Bush became the first member of the Bush family to support Trump, as the two presidents, George W. and George HW and Jeb, former governor of Florida did not throw their support behind Trump.

Texas Republicans went above and beyond to support the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz and still now are reluctant to stand with Trump.

It is unlikely that the lack of support of this small and insignificant group of Republicans will affect Trump’s run for president. There are other aspects in which Trump needs to work on if he wants to win the presidency, for example, avoiding voting fraud.

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