Faced with resistance from civil society, pressured by an increasingly volatile world, handicapped by the loss of the cover of secrecy, disarmed of plausible deniability, and driven by the sustainability agenda, the UN and national governments have become desperate and isolated and have been forced to adopt a new strategy of population control that no longer relies on their lost ability to turn man against man but on a newly gained ability to turn nature against man.

Population control via chemically-induced sterility and morbidity over the course of a lifetime through the adulteration of the basic elements of life with endocrine disruptors is being phased out as more ambitious depopulation targets via vaccine-induced apoptosis through mandatory immunization programmes are being phased in.

This new methodology of subverting fertility and increasing mortality, the two means of stable populations, implemented under the guise of societal interventions for public health outcomes with the help of a new global instrument of coercion called ‘public health emergency of international concern’ (PHEIC) requires far fewer financial and human resources but entails far greater risks for mankind and for all life on earth.

This methodology allows for the concomitant pursuit of peak population and peak life expectancy by genetically programming sterility and morbidity early in life through childhood vaccines so the engineered demographic transition is accomplished worldwide by 2050 in the most economical fashion and with the furthest timeframe of responsibility, but also with little or no regard to the integrity of human life, fully outside the law and in defiance of constitutional guarantees.

The strategy used to halt population growth until recently has been to turn man against man by rewarding industry for adulterating the basic elements of life with endocrine disruptors. Genetic breakthroughs are now allowing governments to accomplish demographic objectives and advance economic interests by turning nature against man.

Above and beyond the obvious, namely that genocide is now enabled by the ability of scientists to reprogramme genes, this indicates three other important developments.

First, national administrations and the UN system have become isolated and can no longer extort money from parliaments under false pretenses to fund existing and covert chemical and biological depopulation methods.

Secondly, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the well-guarded methodology of sterility, morbidity and death employed until now and people everywhere are taking action to protect themselves, thus making these methods less and less effective.

Thirdly, civil society and professional groups, especially in the medical community, have begun to openly speak up against the existing methods and means of depopulation and to actively influence lawmakers to remove hundreds of endocrine disruptors from the food system and environment as they are no longer willing to be manipulated by duplicitous state institutions to unknowingly act as foot soldiers for genocidal governments.

The struggle to regain control of medicine and to free it of secret international security prerogatives that cause collateral damage to the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity and have the potential of irrevocably disrupting the natural balance has begun. What is at stake is public health and social stability. What we stand to lose is the perpetuation of our species and the continuation of our civilization.


This is an analysis of the contradictions, absurdities and inconsistencies used by national and international health authorities and their reliance on fabricated data, false research and misleading public statements in the current geopolitical context shaped by their diminished permission to harm health through chemical means and the increased urgency to accomplish the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Three decades ago, the infectious disease landscape was sparse and HIV/AIDS was the only global threat to human health posed by a communicable disease (figure 1) according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).i Today, countless new pathogens threaten the wellbeing of people in every corner of the world (figure 2).

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 22.36.20

Global health threats in 1985 Global health threats in 2016 Figure 1 Figure 2

This is what we are led to believe by an international system that relies on health threats to manufacture fear that is then capitalized on to manufacture pesticides, drugs and vaccines that have a dual purpose: heal or protect against a particular infectious disease while at the same time induce sterility and/or increase morbidity, as the need may be.

If the incidence of infectious diseases had exploded as their reporting has exploded in the past 30 years than the number of victims would have also exploded. But the statistical data shows otherwise, namely that chronic diseases have replaced infectious diseases as primary killersii and as the main burden of disease even in the developing world.iii

This epidemiologic transition, which precedes prosperity in the developing world, is now fully explained by the misuse of endocrine disruptors as covert chemical destroyers of human fertility and along with it also of human health, and by the abuse of immunodepressants delivered through an increasing and forced regime of vaccinations in order to subvert longevity.iv

A look at the recent map of global incidence of infectious diseases (figure 2) reveals at a glance that the distribution of these manufactured pandemics is suspiciously and impossibly high in the U.S. and that three other parts of the world – Africa, South-East Asia, and South America – follow suit but lag behind the U.S.

The U.S., which boasts the most expensive and sophisticated health care system in the world, registers by far the highest incidents of infectious disease epidemics. This paradox can only be explained if these health threats are conceived by the U.S. military-industrial complex and tested on the American people before national governments in the developing world allow their application at home.

These manufactured epidemics and pandemics are then let loose on the regions of the world with the highest total fertility rates, which are Africa, South-East Asia, and South America, in that order.

A comparison of the 1985 with the 2016 map of global epidemics suggests that the explosion of infectious threats around the world in the past three decades cannot possibly be the result of nature gone haywire – for if that were the case the pandemics would be uniformly distributed around the world, or at the very least there would be parity between developed nations – or of better monitoring – in which case Africa’s derelict public health services would have missed any and all outbreaks – and can only be attributed to a change in policy to allow governments and the UN system to pursue vital demographic objectives.

This modus operandi is the result of a decision made by religious authorities in 1953 to allow secular authorities to defuse the population bomb by damaging human fertility only if in the process of healing man from a disease; a decision enshrined in the 1968 encyclical letter Humanae Vitae: On the Regulation of Birth.v

Such ethical contortion by spiritual leaders cleared the way for governments to commit genocide without any moral impediments and to bypass democracy and violate the rule of law by hiding the use of covert chemical and biological methods of population control behind plausible deniability and the open use of psychosocial, legal and economic methods of family subversion behind false pretenses of promoting gender equality and child protection.

As long as secular authorities do more good than bad their religious counterparts maintain the code of silence because the world cannot survive a doubling of the population from 7 to 14 billion, which would occur in 30 years absent population control. This geopolitical imperative therefore trumps all other considerations, even basic morality and the fundamental right to life.

Six decades later, we find ourselves dying, both literally and figuratively, in a dystopian and alienating society anchored in totalitarian and dehumanizing institutions that are empowered to commit Orwellian abuses and free to ignore Kafkaesque absurdities birthed by giant and global bureaucracies that are fiercely protected by the tacit support of the world’s spiritual leaders, the implicit collusion of nearly every government on the planet, and the active involvement of an ever-growing and ever-more intrusive military-industrial complex to be able to continue to pursue desirable and constructive social outcomes through undesirable and destructive acts of structural violence.

In this environment every scientific discovery and medical breakthrough is a double-edged sword used openly for the short-term good of mankind and the long-term detriment of nature by civil society and misused secretly for the short-term ill of mankind and the long-term benefit of nature by uncivil society, the latter of which is allowed and helped to be a step ahead of the former.

This political accommodation wields good and evil to create an artificial balance in profane society that equals the natural balance of divine nature so as to prevent our civilization from unhinging itself. This balancing act of global proportions is blessed by religious authorities, administered by the United Nations, facilitated by national governments, and carried out by the military-industrial complex.

It is man’s first attempt to mimic God by assuming command and control of our entire civilization so that humanity is never again a victim of history and at the mercy of Nature and can instead cast its own destiny.

For better or worse this system has preserved us from nuclear annihilation, mass starvation and environmental devastation. It has also drawn the world closer and has created economic and cultural common denominators that have allowed the last two generations to be largely free of war, experience a stable state of prosperity, and live twice as long and thrice as well as our distant forefathers.

But the methodology of balancing life and death by artificial means for the sake of international peace, social stability and lasting prosperity – and more recently also for environmental preservation – has come to a dead and deadly end, because the cumulative side effects of covert chemical poisoning and abusive biological interference with the immune system over multiple generations have done extensive and perhaps irreparable damage to our genetic and intellectual endowment; damage that will in short time render humanity completely incapable of reproduction and in even shorter time condemn us all through chronic illness to dysfunctional minds and disabled bodies.

Over the past four years, I have succeeded in convincing those at the helm of the world that they cannot save let alone improve society by involuntarily sterilizing, relentlessly enfeebling, and prematurely killing man, no more than they can save the planet by damaging and destroying mankind. Only healthy individuals with healthy habits living in a healthy society can save the planet and perpetuate the species.

That this is the only way forward appears to have sunk in since great effort is now being expended on removing hundreds of endocrine disruptors deliberately inserted over the past seven decades in our food system and environment to primarily subvert fertility and occasionally increase morbidity so that births and deaths could be brought in perfect balance at the desirable rate of 10 each annually per 1,000 people, which, if sustained, would complete the engineered demographic transition from a natural state of many births and deaths and universally short lives to a managed state of few births and deaths and universally long lives.

That policy makers have begun to understand the world can only be saved by healthy individuals with healthy habits living in a healthy society is also apparent from the extraordinary efforts currently underway to shift reticent and conservative regions of the world from socially undesirable to socially desirable reproductive habits. But while the struggle against tobacco and alcohol consumption and for low fat diets and active lifestyles is open and honest, the struggle against high fertility rates for people in their reproductive years living in the developing world and the parallel struggle for short lifespans for people in retirement, poverty and disability living in the developed world is hidden, perverse and dishonest. Furthermore, the health agenda is distorted not only by hidden demographic but also by ambitious environmental objectives.

The clash between health care and public health priorities and prerogatives, the former being dictated by the individual and the latter by the state, can no longer be hidden. This clash has shattered the public’s trust in the healthcare system and in government itself and has created an explosive animosity between the 1% and the 99%.

All epidemics and pandemics of the past 30 years are fabrications of the UN system and its partners in crime at the national level for the purpose of lowering births below the magic line of replacement level fertility and, more recently, also for limiting life to an economically acceptable and environmentally sustainable age.

Instead of resolving the conflict between individual and international prerogatives by bringing the no longer secret depopulation program out into the open and legislating replacement level fertility, the 1% has decided to deny the world’s 7.3 billion people their fundamental rights for one more generation and to get away with mass murder for just as long it has devised a new method of preventing birth and controlling death that is more sophisticated and harder to detect because it uses genetics and gene programming in addition to chemistry and endocrine disruptors to damage human fertility and longevity through intrinsic and extrinsic pathways at the same time.

The strategy of depopulation has evolved and has been accelerated and amplified. Having exposed the covert chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic methods of population control, and having destroyed our governments’ cover of secrecy, we have shut down their ability to commit genocide by turning man against man through the misuse of the institutions of state, concealment of vital information, abuse of the rule of law, perversion of science, falsification of facts, misappropriation of public funds, and the debasement of executive powers.

Instead of changing tack and empowering us so that we assume responsibility over restrictions on fertility, which would have brought the program of population control back to legality, our governments have once again done the unthinkable and have taken the last possible step towards illegality.

No longer able to turn man against man, thus to turn us against each other, because they have lost the ability to manipulate us into poisoning, impoverishing and imprisoning one another, our genocidal governments have decided to turn nature against man, so as to make nature our mortal enemy.

Vaccines now represent the newest battle line between the 1% and the 99% and between international and individual prerogatives. In the 21st century it is the needle not the bomb that causes death and disease at an unimaginable scale and at an unpredictable cost to the genetic endowment of mankind.

But although the weapon has changed the goal remains the same, to stop and reverse our numbers so that by the end of the 21st century everybody will live just as long, just as sterile, and just as sick.

The planet will be saved but mankind destroyed.

Read the complete document TURNING NATURE AGAINST MAN: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth by Kevin Galalae in PDF format here.

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