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Rubio-Cruz Gang Unloads all Ammo at Trump but Fail 


As it often happens in war, when facing imminent defeat, losing parties decide to join in; not to get a victory, but to try to topple down the leader in the fight.

Last night’s Republican debate in Houston has earned all kinds of adjectives by mainstream media, which have come out, almost automatically, swinging in favor of the losers; the two candidates who decided to join forces to attempt to torpedo the candidate who seems to be the presumptive nominee.

Last night’s debate showed just how desperate Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are, and today, mainstream media coverage of the debate shows just how scared the Establishment is of a Trump presidency.

Trump has been emphatic about his intention to build a wall, end illegal immigration, fight for better trade policies with America’s commercial partners and reveal the 28 pages of the secretive report that details who is in part responsible for the 9/11 attacks. For this, Trump has been called all possible insults on the face of the Earth.

Even the Pope has come out to say that Mr. Trump is not a Christian because he wants to strengthen America’s immigration laws. Others call Trump a racist, because he wants to make sure authorities know the origin and intentions of the people who enter the United States, especially those coming from the Middle East, where terrorist groups have sworn to bring down the American Empire via terror attacks.

Unfortunately, the name calling against Trump has not rendered any positive results for the Establishment, whose members have thrown their full support behind Marco Rubio.

On Wednesday evening some 200 powerful donors met in New York City to talk about Rubio’s chances of carrying out a brokered convention in which he would snatch the nomination from Trump’s hands. But before that could happen, both Rubio and Cruz had to go all at it against Trump during the last debate before Super Tuesday. And they did.

Both Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz agreed on a common strategy to attack Trump by all possible means in an extremely bellicose debate that was orchestrated as such to try to debilitate Trumps image.

Defeated in their attempt to damage Trump's image, both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz await for a miracle next Tuesday.

Defeated in their attempt to damage Trump’s image, both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hope for a miracle next Tuesday. Photo: telegraph.co.uk

But why would Rubio and Cruz resort to such strategy? It is simple. After leading in the polls in his native state of Texas, Ted Cruz was, up until the debate, leading Trump by a mere 1% difference. In the case of Marco Rubio it was worse. In the days up to the debate, Rubio was losing against Trump by more than 16% in his home state of Florida.

Rubio and Cruz, who until now had starred in numerous clashes against each other, signed a ceasefire and focused solely on attacking the frontrunner for the Republican nomination who has won three of the first four states to vote in the primary process.

In virtually every one of their interventions, regardless of the issue, the two senators of Cuban descent, attacked Trump directly from left and right.

“Donald Trump is malleable, while Ted Cruz is not malleable,” said Cruz, who criticized Trump for donating money to senators who participated in the drafting of the proposed immigration reform of 2013. Cruz chided Trump’s alleged links with the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

One of the moments of greatest tension of the night came when Cruz joined the insinuations made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and asked why Trump had not made public his tax returns implying that something might be wrong with it.

Trump had already mentioned earlier the question and explained that his accounts were being subjected to a “routine” audit by the Treasury and therefore could not be published for now. He added that as soon as the audit was completed, he would make the documents public. The irony of the attacks on the issue of tax returns is that neither Cruz nor Rubio have yet submitted their tax returns.

Meanwhile, Rubio tried to disqualify the magnate soon at the start the debate by recalling that he hired immigrants for his hotels in Florida “instead of Americans” and accused him of being the only one on the stage who had hired immigrants.

“Well, I’m the only one here who has hired people!”, said Trump referring to Rubio’s insinuations, and added that the contracts in Florida were temporary when there was “great demand” in high season and that the contracts were for part-time jobs that Americans did not want to take.

After having lost the two previous arguments with Trump, Rubio grew more desperate and resorted to insults. “If Trump had not inherited 200 million dollars from his father, he would be selling watches in Manhattan right now,” snapped Rubio.

The two senators also accused the New York mogul of not being sufficiently pro-Israel himself “neutral” in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Mr. Trump has said that what is needed in the Middle East is an agreement, “perhaps the most difficult agreement in the world”.

“A deal is not a deal when you’re dealing with terrorists … this is not a real agreement,” desperately chided Rubio.

Asked about the refusal expressed by former members of the Mexican Government to his proposal to build a wall along the border and whether this could lead to a trade war, Trump said he would not mind such a war when the US “is losing 58 billion dollars each year” due to the trade deficit with Mexico.

The magnate reiterated that if elected president he will build the wall “that will measure three meters in height” and criticized the words of the former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, who said that Mexico will not pay “for that fucking wall”. Trump added that Fox “used a nasty word on television and he should apologize”.

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