Russia accused the United States of trying to undermine the peace process in Ukraine by the decision of US President Barack Obama to extend for one year the economic sanctions against Moscow and the rebels in the eastern Ukrainian regions.

“We have just signed a peaceful settlement to solve the grave crisis in Ukraine, and Washington, who encouraged last year’s coup in Kiev, is again trying to destabilize the situation,” said in a statement the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexandr Lukaséhvich.

He added that now, when there is a real possibility that a ceasefire will work, the Obama Administration has issued new threats by announcing the extension of sanctions previously adopted and imposing new ones agains tthe Donetsk and Lugansk.

“Is it not an attempt to destroy the modest beginnings of trust between them and the Ukrainian authorities, to undermine and frustrate the peace process?,” asked the spokesman.

Lukashevich stressed that the same refers to the “promises of massive US arms supplies to Ukraine, that will only instigate revenge plans from Kiev”.

“We would like the United States to ponder the consequences of their decisions and actions once and for all. Furthermore, when no penalty will change the position of Russia. It is time for Washington to understand this,” the spokesman concluded.

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