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Russia Calls for International Resolution of Yemen War 

Millions of Yemenis desperately need aid not forthcoming or arriving in woefully inadequate amounts.

Obama’s war on Yemen using Saudi and other regional rogue states as convenient proxies continues after nearly eight weeks.

Riaydh’s 3-day May 17 – 19 sham peace conference was thinly veiled PR subterfuge. Terror-bombing and offshore shelling slowed. It didn’t stop.

On Wednesday, it resumed full-force. Civilian neighbors and infrastructure as well as other nonmilitary related sites continue being prime targets.

Israel is involved. Fars News said Riyadh hired IDF experts to “supervise (its aggression) against Yemen…in addition to (providing) intelligence and military coordination…”

Head of Yemen’s High Revolutionary Council Mohammad al-Houthi said “Saudi Arabia attacked us because we had become a cause of concern for Israel and it was meant to soothe Israel’s concerns.”

He stressed war on his country is directly at the behest of Washington and Israel.

Thousands so far died, many more injured, mostly civilians, almost a million displaced.

On Monday during so-called Riyadh peace talks, Yemeni media reported Saudi warplanes terror-bombing UNICEF ships carrying humanitarian aid.

They were headed for Saada province, according to Iranian media. Separately, UNICEF director for Yeman Julien Harneis said aid it’s been able to deliver “cannot replace the needs of 26 million people who have been cut off from a regular supply of commercial imports of food and fuel.”

“Hundreds of adults and children have already died during this conflict, many of whom could have been saved had we got supplies to them on time.”

“We need to do everything we can to prevent any more of these unnecessary deaths.”

On Saturday, UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen Johannes van der Klaauw said Riyadh’s blockade and harsh inspection process willfully obstructs aid Yemenis desperately need.

Commercial goods shipped by air or sea no longer get in, he stressed. Yemen’s Freedom House Foundation estimates over 4,000 Yemenis killed, another 7,000 or more wounded.

The true casualty count is likely much higher – including Yemenis dying from malnutrition, starvation or untreated illnesses and wounds.

Russia says resolving things can only be done diplomatically. Its Foreign Ministry urges international action through responsible Security Council resolutions.

It said air strikes and ground fighting continue. “Armed confrontations have been observed near the Yemeni-Saudi border and in the provinces of Ma’rib, Aden, al-Abyan, ad-Dali and Shabwah.”

“(T)he ceasefire appeals actively supported by Russia have not been heard. The humanitarian situation has been degrading.”

“UN representatives say that the five-day humanitarian pause is obviously insufficient for the delivery of aid to most Yemeni provinces.”

Millions of Yemenis desperately need aid not forthcoming or arriving in woefully inadequate amounts.

“(A) diplomatic process based on a broad inter-Yemeni dialogue and relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and the previous agreements between the Yemeni political forces are the only real chance to stop the bloodshed and to achieve lasting settlement of the Yemen conflict,” Russia’s MFA stressed.

“It is important to carry on the search for ways of a lasting political settlement in Yemen based on the interests of all citizens without exception and independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of this friendly country.”

“Together with other members of the international community, Russia will continue its energetic assistance in the convocation of an international forum to promote the peace process in Yemen under the UN aegis,” its MFA stressed.

Obama didn’t wage war on Yemen to quit. A previous article said he wants it bombed back to the 19th century.

He wants extreme pain and suffering inflicted – to force unconditional Houth surrender, to regain control over a former client state and send a message to other independent governments their turn awaits.

On May 20, a statement issued by Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman said:

He announced “inclusive consultations” on Yemen aimed at achieving a Yemeni-led political transition process – code language for regime change, reinstating illegitimate US-approved figures to power.

Talks are scheduled for May 28 in Geneva. “The secretary-general urges all the participants to engage in these United Nations consultations in good faith and without preconditions,” his spokesman said.

It’s unclear who intends coming or what can be accomplished. Most Yemenis reject illegitimate US-imposed Hadi governance.

Houthis demand respect for Yemeni sovereign independence, free from imperial control. Washington, Israel, and complicit Saudis want unconditional surrender – return to unacceptable business as usual.

Unresolved conflict continues. Saudi-led terror-bombing keeps slaughtering noncombatant men, women and children.

Blockade kills them other ways. Western leaders able to intervene responsibly do nothing to stop Obama’s latest atrocity.

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