The whole world knows, or should, that neither Russia nor Donbass freedom fighters had anything to do with downing MH17 two years ago, killing all passengers and crew members aboard.

The most obvious question goes unanswered. Cui bono? For sure not Russia nor freedom fighters, refusing to accept fascist rule. What strategic benefit could they possibly gain by downing a commercial airliner unrelated to ongoing conflict? None, of course.

Clearly, Washington, NATO and Ukraine benefitted greatly, more grist for their illegal sanctions regime, another phony pretext to vilify Putin, risking eventual East/West confrontation – the unthinkable possibility, maybe likelihood, of eventual nuclear war.

The so-called Dutch Safety Board was no impartial investigator – comprised of the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Malaysia and Ukraine, Russia conspicuously denied involvement.

Its mandate all along was not to let clear evidence interfere with its Russia/Donbass freedom fighters-bashing intention.

Instead of doing its job responsibly, it came up with an implausible scenario, wrongfully claiming a Buk surface-to-air missile not used by Russia for many years, part of Ukraine arsenal, was delivered by Moscow to Donbass freedom fighters ahead of MH17’s downing.

Sounds like a bad film plot. The books were cooked, so-called evidence fabricated because nothing linked Russia or Donbass fighters to the incident.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry minced no words, saying Dutch investigators let Ukraine suppress what happened, enabling it to concoct a phony scenario, concealing its own culpability in the process, likely complicit with Washington.

Russia’s credible investigatory analysis was ignored, US-installed Ukrainian putschists made a full member of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) inquiry, making it a laughing stock.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, “(t)o this day, the investigators continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence provided by the Russian side, despite the fact that Russia is the only side that submits accurate information and constantly discloses new data.”

“Russia is disappointed that the situation surrounding the investigation into the Boeing crash is not changing. The findings of the Dutch prosecutor’s office confirm that the investigation is biased and politically motivated” – entirely without credibility.

“To arbitrarily designate a guilty party and dream up the desired results has become the norm for” the West – absolving culpable parties, blaming innocent ones.

Russian firm Almaz-Antley once produced the type Buk missile claimed to have downed MH17, long ago discontinued, replaced by more sophisticated models.

It conducted extensive analysis into MH17’s downing, its findings proving the missile came from Ukrainian military-controlled territory, not Donbass as falsely claimed.

In addition, damage to MH17’s fuselage didn’t match so-called evidence in the JIT report – including the angle of impact, showing the missile couldn’t have come from Donbass.

JIT’s report was fabricated to wrongfully blame Russia and Donbass freedom fighters for a crime likely orchestrated in Washington, Ukraine committing it for its paymaster.

The militantly anti-Russia New York Times reported the fabricated JIT account as factual – without challenging its politically motivated conclusions.

Despite no credible evidence linking Moscow to MH17’s downing, plenty pointing to Ukraine and likely Washington, its headline screamed “Russia Implicated in Shooting Down Malaysia Flight 17 Over Ukraine.”

Big Lies take on a life of their own, especially when media scoundrels repeat them ad nauseam – longstanding NYT practice.

A personal note. Daily Times editions include so much deplorable misinformation and Big Lies, supporting monied and imperial interests, I could devote all my writing to exposing them, doing nothing else, and barely scratch the surface.

I selectively challenge its lying machine, most of my spent on many other important national and geopolitical issues – vital to discuss.

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