Mainstream media rabid dogs attacked Trump for what they called “treasonous” behaviour. Their premise was that the US President didn’t publicly condemned Putin for allegedly interfering with the 2016 Presidential election.

The question, of course is, what positive diplomatic outcome would have resulted from a public confrontation between Trump and Putin? The answer is none.

Trump did not get elected to furhter deteriorate diplomatic relations with any so-called US ally or enemy. He got elected to imporve diplomatic relations and to attempt to avoid nuclear confrontation with Russia and North Korea.

Trump was not elected to continue to follow the same foreign and domestic policies that previous presidents adopted and implemented. He was elected because Americans were sick and tired of those policies, and only Trump, out of all candidates from the primaries to election day, offered a different approach to world affairs.

It is quite clear that Mr. Trump intends to do away with the current world order and that for that to happen, he needs to approach diplomatic relations in a different way. Trump does not negotiate from positions of weakness and he does not condition his negotiations to existing diplomatic, commercial or military arrangements.

Donald Trump does not trust Vladimir Putin more than the intelligence community, the national security state that actually governs over the United States. Neither does Putin trust Trump, as he expressed it yesterday. However, both men are willing to hit the reset button and to start new negotiations where there isn’t an aggressor and a victim. They will sit down to talk from positions of strength, leveraging their advantages and negotiating when those positions do not meet eye to eye.

Never has Trump said that he trusts Vladimir Putin more than the American intelligence apparatus. Trump has simply chosen to be skeptical of both.

What mainstream media ommitted from their reporting is that Russia and the United States have begun a new diplomatic phase which may bring partial or complete understanding between the two nuclear powers. They refuse to recognize that negotiations with so-called enemies or adversaries are a good idea, and that talking is preferable to fighting; especially if you are talking about the largest holders of nuclear weapons on the planet.

There will be no successful negotiations between the two leaders if one or both of them arrive with preconditions or with a list of demands to ask each other. What Trump and Putin seem to want is a blank canvas to restart their diplomatic and commercial relations as well as military cooperation.

Russia and the United States are coming together again. This is the message left by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart. This should be the headline that all mainstream media should be running today and tomorrow. Instead, all they talk about is impeachment of the US President because he dissents from his intelligence community. “The Cold War is over” proclaimed Putin during his speech in Helsinki, but no mainstream media outlet showed any pleasure on that quote.

Putin added that there is no reason to maintain the tension that has marked the relationship between the two countries in recent times. “It is obvious to all that international relations are going through a difficult period … The Cold War has ended a long time ago, the situation in the world has changed drastically.

“Russia and the United States now face totally different challenges,” the Russian leader said at the beginning of the appearance before the press along with the US leader after holding a meeting that lasted about three hours.

Putin said the meeting marked the first steps to restore “an acceptable level of trust and return to the previous level of interaction on all matters of mutual interest.” The same desire was expressed by Trump: “Our relationship has never been worse than now, but that has changed in the last four hours, I really believe it,” said the US president. “The disagreements between our two countries are well known, and President Putin and I discussed them extensively today,” he said.

Trump made a plea for dialogue with Russia, saying that it is “good for the world,” and recalled that “even during the tensions of the Cold War, when the world was very different, “Russia and the United States were able to maintain a good dialogue.”

A few hours earlier, and after meeting alone on Monday with Putin, Trump called the face-to-face meeting he held for more than two hours in Helsinki, Finland, “a good start for all.”

“I think it has been a very good beginning,” the US president told reporters at the beginning of the working lunch, in which, in addition to the two leaders, ministers and advisors of the two delegations also participated, including their respective incumbents. Foreign ministers Mike Pompeo and Sergey Lavrov.

Trump met with Putin a few days after the special prosecutor investigating the alleged Russian plot, Robert Mueller, presented charges last week against the 12 Russian agents for stealing documents from the Democratic Party to help him win the 2016 election. This action was no coincidence. The charges were made public to put pressure on Trump.

“He offered me that the people who are working on the case in the United States go to Russia and work with investigators in relation to the 12 people. And that’s an incredible offer,” said Trump. His positivism and forward thinking speech did not sit well in the United States, where both RINO Republicans and dirranged Democrats called for the US President to rectify.

Putin said at the press conference that Mueller could send Russia “an official request to interrogate the 12 defendants,” but in that case Moscow would also demand that “members of the US secret services listed in Russian inquiries be questioned as well.” in the presence of Russian investigators.

This is of course something the US won’t accept, because the United States’s Deep State, formed by its intelligence community will never accept to be held accountable for their crimes.

The only thing that is clear is that the mainstream media will continue to pound Trump with accussations of treason and will continue to demand impeachment proceedings to be held against the US President.

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