When everything else fails, one common tactic in warfare is containment and that is exactly what NATO is doing in Syria.

Russia’s success in fighting ISIS in Syria and the latest details about Turkey’s collaboration in arming and training the terror organization on behalf of NATO has prompted the Americans, the French and the Germans to join forces to decimate Russia’s actions against terrorism.

Germany is the last violator of international law and Syrian sovereignty, because along with the United States and France, the Germans have invaded Syrian territory without being invited by the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Germany sent six Tornado aircraft, an Airbus tanker, a frigate of the Navy and up to 1,200 soldiers to Syria to support France and the US.

German involvement means that the its forces will fight along its NATO partners to further destibilize Syria while aiding ISIS to gain the territory it lost in the last few weeks since Russia began bombing their convoys and oil refineries.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, gained support from the Bundestag on Friday military equipment to Syria to support the French and the Americans in their alleged fight against the Islamic State.

We can expect the three members of the coalition to do exactly the same than what the US has been doing since 2011; that is nothing, to destroy ISIS.

The German Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday a military mission of one-year in duration although it can be extended for a longer period of time.

The ministers set a budget of 134 million euros which will finance reconnaissance, security and logistics. This means the Germans will do the dirty work behind the scenes while the US and France bomb the life out of Syria.

Of the 598 votes cast, 445 supported the position of the German government, against 146 ballots and seven abstentions.

Parliamentary leaders of the Left Party and the Greens said during the parliamentary debate that the shipment was approved hastily and without a mature strategy for combat in Syria.

The two opposition parties said there hadn’t been enough time for discussion and study of the mandate, which was approved Tuesday by Merkel.

According to orders of the Executive, the Tornado reconnaissance planes will support the American and French fighter planes in Syria. The frigate will protect the French aircraft taking off from the Charles de Gaulle carrier.

Merkel responded, in just one week, to the request for help in Syria that was raised by the French President, François Hollande.

In this context, Germany has also promised to send 650 more troops to Mali, which would add to the 200 already deployed there, and 50 to Iraq, which would support 100 already operating there.

The German Government argued that ISIS represents “also according to a UN resolution, a threat to world peace and international security” with “its violent extremist Salafi ideology, their terrorist actions and their persistent serious, systematic and widespread attacks on civilians as well as recruitment and training of foreign fighters “.

The coalition against ISIS, which from this week also involved the UK Air Force, intensified their attacks after the attack that killed 130 people in Paris on November 13.

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, insisted on Thursday that Germany would not cooperate with troops under the command of President Bashar al-Assad. “We need a combination of air strikes and local ground forces in places that are of vital interest,” he said.

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