An ignoramus is someone who is or acts in an ignorant manner. Ignoramuses fancy themselves as being quite shrewd but are actually foolish and ignorant.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word ignoramus “was written on bills of indictment when the evidence presented seemed insufficient to justify prosecution. In these cases ignoramus indicated “we take no notice of (i.e., we do not recognize) this indictment.” Such a reference would have been most appropriate for Ruggle’s satire of the judiciary.”

As 2016 winds down, the above definition fits one person and one person alone: Barack H. Obama. The best that the United States government has done to try to convince the world that Russia was behind the alleged hacking is to provide a report with their best guesses about who did the hacking and how, however, the very same report states that the organizations that prepared the information cannot guarantee the validity of such information.

The current and soon to leave US President, in a desperate attempt to be remembered by the world as a wise man, made a fool of himself by baseslessly accusing Russia of hacking the US election that took place last November 8. As a result, Obama imposed what the corporate media has labeled as sanctions on Russian diplomats.

Little did Obama and the warmongering-neocons know that their so-called political enemy, Vladimir Putin, would teach them a lesson that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Putin, as much of the international community, chose to IGNORE Obama’s unproven accusations and his newly established sanctions.

Who, What, When, Where, Why

The US Government attributes cyber attacks to two Russian spy groups, identified as APT28 and APT29. APT stands for Advanced Persistent Threat.

“This activity by RIS is part of an ongoing campaign of cyber-enabled operations directed at the U.S. government and its citizens.”

The first entity, the report alleges, is responsible for the attacks made in the spring of 2016, while the second was operating since the summer of the previous year.

According to the FBI, they operated on the Internet with identities such as CosmicDuke, CrouchingYeti, Dragonfly, Skipper or Waterbug, among others.

The “malicious” activity, nicknamed by the US government as GRIZZLY STEPPE, aimed to “compromise and exploit the networks and servers associated with the US election.” This claim is one of the grand lies told by Obama and the US corporate media, because no election infrastructure is connected to the internet.

It all started with what US intelligence describes as “adversary space,” from which hackers connected to the Internet infrastructure considered a “neutral space”.

From these servers, hackers sent malicious code to connect with the “victim space”, such as, for example, the computer systems of the Democratic Party, the report alleges.

The attacks perpetrated since the summer of 2015 and then repeated in the spring of 2016 sought to target “government agencies, critical infrastructures, universities, political organizations and companies” in order to “steal information.”

As it is usual in these circumstances, neither the report nor the US government provides any proof to back their allegations and in this particular case, reality shows that their assertions are patently false, as no organization other than the DNC was apparently hit by the hackers.

The FBI said in its report that Russian intelligence services are accustomed to creating false identities abroad to operate on the Internet, confusing the victims of their attacks and “misattributing responsibility for the attack.”

It is strange then that in this case the so-called hackers that operated on behalf of the Russian did leave a trace so that the American intelligence agencies were able to pinpoint their involvement. Does that make sense at all?

In addition to the malicious code embedded in the computer infrastructure, hackers also sent a series of emails to more than 1000 potential victims in 2016.

Those messages contained a link to a page created by the hackers, which seemed perfectly legitimate and asked the user to change the password.

Once this step was taken, the spies gained access to the networks that contained, among others, the Democratic Party’s internal couriers and members of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

This claim is actually true. John Podesta’s email account was one of those that was sent an email. Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. However, there is no proof that such email was sent by Russian hackers, which is what the Americans are claiming.

That information was then forwarded to databases controlled by hackers through secure “tunnels” created by themselves and disseminated on the Internet by agents such as Wikileaks or on different websites.

So, in sum, the US is accusing Russia of working closely with Donald Trump and Wikileaks in order to tamper with a US presidential election, yet, they have shown ZERO evidence to support their accussations. They want the public to take their word for it.

The validity of the information is questionable

As explained before, the report explains right at the start that none of the organizations involved in the production of the information can guarantee the validity of the claims contained therein. However, that did not prevent intelligence agencies to pass the report as truthful and to stamp their names on the document.

The report starts with the following statement:

“This report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

Why would the most powerful country in the world base its dwindling credibility on a report that possesses no warranties of any kind as far as the validity of its information? Why would Barack Obama accuse Russia of hacking anything without sufficient proof of it and go as far as to impose sanctions – toothless sanctions, but sanctions nonetheless – on diplomats if he had no proof of any hacking?

The joint report was drafted by the US intelligence community, which includes agencies such as the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Director of National Intelligence, private companies and other entities that have provided the “technical evidence” that supports them.

Unfortunately, the ‘technical evidence’ is poor to say the least. The only thing that the report provides as proof of the hacking is two geeky-looking illustrations of the alleged tactics used by the hackers to attack the DNC’s servers. (See below)

Source: NCCIC
Source: NCCIC


In addition, the report provides a piece of code – that frankly I could have written myself and placed on a PDF document in order to claim that the Russians hacked my server – and a list of recommendations that any computer repair person could provide to his clients.

On October 7, just a month before the presidential elections, the Department of National Intelligence had published a report on the security of the elections that warned of this situation, but heither Obama nor any other government agency paid any attention to it, because they were pretty sure that Hillary Clinton would win on November 8. It was only after Donald Trump won the election that Obama and his the DNC began to make a big deal out of the alleged hacking.

Both Barack Obama and the US intelligence community have turned themselves in vulgar conspiracy theorists who make up and distribute fake information which it is then regurgitated by the corporate media in an attempt to bring about a new kind of Cold War. Fortunately for the world Obama and the neocons are on the way out and Putin, as Donald Trump said, is a wise man.

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