Big Lies continue circulating, claiming a Russian military buildup in Syria, reminiscent of fabricated accusations of “Russian aggression” in Ukraine, long ago discredited.

Russia is Europe’s leading force for peace, stability, nation-state sovereign independence, the inviolability of international law, and against countries interfering in the internal affairs of others.

Putin, Sergey Lavrov and other Russian officials have gone all-out to resolve conflicts in Ukraine and Syria diplomatically – the only effective solution. Anti-Russian propaganda claiming otherwise stems from Washington’s longtime regime change objective – Western media in lockstep with its destructive imperial agenda.

New York Times editors irresponsibly bash Russia, inventing reasons when none exist, substituting managed news misinformation and Big Lies for hard truths, betraying their readers deserving better.

On September 21, they headlined “Mr. Putin’s Mixed Messages on Syria,” claiming he’s “dangerously building up Russia’s military presence there, while positioning himself as the world’s savior against Islamic extremists and holding high-level military-to-military talks with the United States.”

Fact: Not a shred of evidence indicates Russian combat forces in Syria or intention to deploy them.

Fact: Putin promotes peace, stability and mutual cooperation among all nations. Obama wants endless wars for unchallenged world dominance. Millions of corpses attest to his barbarity.

Times editors: “Mr. Putin is expected to use his speech to the United Nations General Assembly to make the case for an international coalition against the Islamic State, apparently ignoring the one already being led by the United States.”

“But his buildup also serves his effort to save his imperiled client, President Bashar al-Assad, and may also be intended to establish a Russian military outpost in the Middle East.”

Fact: America’s so-called “coalition” is an alliance of rogue states against peace and stability, involved in naked aggression against a nation threatening no others.

Fact: Putin has every right to aid a longtime ally in need. He’s doing it responsibly.

Fact: His so-called regional “military outpost” or “foothold” consists of a small Soviet era Tartus, Syria naval supply and maintenance facility established under a 1971 agreement.

Fact: Washington has dozens of regional military bases, well over 1,000 worldwide, plus unknown numbers of secret ones – compared to Russia’s military based largely within its borders, only a handful abroad in neighboring countries.

Times editors: “No one should be fooled about Russia’s culpability in Syria’s agony. Mr. Putin could have helped prevent the fighting that has killed more than 250,000 Syrians and displaced millions more, had he worked with other major powers in 2011 to keep Mr. Assad from waging war on his people following peaceful anti-government protests.”

Fact: No responsible editors would touch this type rubbish. Times editors feature it – polar opposite cold, hard truths.

Fact: Putin is an antidote to regional violence. Obama bears full responsibility for “Syria’s agony.” Times propaganda conceals it – complicit with US mass murder, supporting what demands denunciation.

Fact: In March 2011, Obama launched proxy war on Syria, using imported terrorists to do his dirty work.

Fact: Throughout endless conflict, Assad continues defending his nation and people responsibly – battling imported US enlisted Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists, largely non-Syrians, recruited abroad.

Times editors: “The main impediment” to resolving Syria’s conflict “has been Mr. Putin’s insistence that Mr. Assad remain in power.”

Fact: Putin “insist(s)” Syrians alone may decide who’ll lead them, no one else, as international law stipulates, what Washington consistently violates, what Times editors ignore – disgracefully supporting US officials saying “Assad must go.”

Only if Syrians say so, never outsiders for any reason – especially to create another US controlled regional puppet state assured of endless violence, chaos and human misery like all nations Washington attacks.

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