The US accused Russia of aiding the Islamic State by bombing their weapon depots and long-held positions in Syria.

The Americans, who are losing their minds due to the Russian success in defeating ISIS, said that Russia’s actions strengthen the jihadists because the bombings are also targeting terrorist groups armed and trained by the United States and their allies in the region.

“Since Russia began its attacks Syria’s map has changed in favor of ISIS,” said the US representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power, in an address to the Security Council.

According to Power, “by attacking non-extremist groups, Russia has perversely promoted the strengthening of ISIS, which has taken advantage of it to gain new territories in rural areas of Aleppo”. With her statement, Power shows how desperate the Americans are given the Russian success in Syria, a country that the US has been bombing illegally for years without achieving any positive result. In fact, the so-called moderate groups in Syria are nothing else than members of Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front to whom the US continues to provide weapons and training.

For Washington, Moscow, which insists that its military actions in Syria seek to combat terrorists, is having a “counterproductive” role in this regard. The most hurtful point in Washington, besides the fact that Russia is helping Syria to defeat ISIS, is that Russian planes are also bombing America’s proxy terror groups, that have been waging war on innocent men, women and children with the complicity of the US.

“Russia says it is attacking terrorists, but what you are doing is going after groups and individuals who oppose the violent regime of Assad,” said the US Ambassador.

She added that for civilians, “the Russian military offensive has worsened an already precarious situation,” because what Russia is doing is to cover territories around Aleppo and Homs to help “an offensive of the forces of Al Asad supported by Iranian combatants and Hezbollah”.

That campaign, she claimed, has obligated some 85,000 civilians to flee. Power forgot to mention the millions of civilians that have fled Syria, Yemen and other countries in the region due to the growing number of terror attacks carried out by American-backed groups.

Power said that backing the Syrian President will only prolong the conflict, because the war will not end while Assad is in power.

In addition, she stressed that the more the peace negotiations are delayed the more powerful ISIS will become. Here Power also failed to mention that ISIS forces have retreated as a result of the Russian campaign,  which unlike the American illegal invasion, is being carried under explicit request of the Syrian president.

The ambassador expressed confidence that the meeting in Vienna tomorrow between John Kerry, and Sergey Lavrov, will help negotiate a peaceful solution in Syria.

Power spoke at the UN after Russian President Vladimir Putin, assured journalists that the US anti-terror campaign in Syria has not had any effect because Washington has practiced a “double game”. The same kind of game the US has played in other countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, where in addition  to training local forces, it has also armed local militias  to fight government forces.

“Why has it not been effective? It’s always difficult to succeed when you play a double game, said Russian President, Vladimir Putin, during a press conference at the Valdai Club in Sochi.

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