Yesterday we exposed what we believe to be negligent behavior by governments, politicians and doctors regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus.

We presented evidence to debunk beliefs about the extent of the contagion caused by Covid-19, including the fact that the virus is transmitted through inhalation of contaminated air particles, at distances greater than a meter and a half, which is the space to which so-called experts recommend us to be.

Yesterday we showed how air quality analysis samples prove that the virus remains in environments for longer than what we are told in the media.

As we explained previously, the virus not only remains in the air, but spreads at distances of between 3 to 5 meters in a few minutes.

Today we have more proof that the virus does not fall to the ground, but that there are very small particles that do float in the air, and that what the “experts” tell us about contagion is wrong.

Infection with Covid-19 could be less significant if the so-called experts and bureaucrats in charge of dictating resolutions to supposedly avoid the mass contagion, based their conclusions on science, and not just on repeating what they hear.

A new experiment carried out in China shows that it is not only advisable to use masks to protect against the Coronavirus, but that wearing masks should be daily practice that would have prevented the spread of Covid-19 to thousands of people, if it had been applied from the beginning.

One of the most common forms of infection is the inhalation of saliva particles that contain the SARS CoV-2 virus. When someone sneezes or coughs, the particles that come out of an infected person not only stay on their clothes or face, but quickly spread through the air, far from the meter and a half that we have been told.

But you don’t have to cough or sneeze to contaminate someone else. According to the experiment carried out at Toho University in China, an infected person can contaminate another person during a conversation, even if the recommended distance of 1.5 meters is kept. Infection occurs through droplets that travel further than a drop of saliva, for example.

To observe such particles and their movement, special cameras and laser beams were used in a laboratory setting. Droplets with a size of 0.1 micrometers were observed in the experiment. Although droplets up to a millimeter fall quickly to the ground, thousands of other droplets move beyond the so-called “safe space”.

Particles smaller than 10 microns remain in the air and then move with wind currents. As seen in the image below, a simple conversation scatters dozens of particles that are not visible in plain sight.

Particles smaller than 10 micrometers float in the air during a normal conversation.

Contrary to what the “experts” have told us, the risk of contamination and infection becomes much greater in closed places without proper ventilation, which is the common scenario in most houses and apartments.

In the following sequence of photos, you can see the speed with which the microparticles expand inside an average room, even at distances greater than one and a half meters.

A sneeze, even at a distance of 2 or 3 meters is capable of contaminating a room and delivering small particles beyond the recommended distance.
Particles of all sizes can reach people’s faces at distances greater than 3 meters.

While the larger blue and green droplets fall to the ground in a short time, the red ones remain and spread over greater distances.

While blue and green particles fall on the ground in just one minute, the red particles remain in the air for longer periods of time.

But the spread of contaminated particles is not limited to a couple of meters or a few minutes. As you will see in the image below, the smallest particles -of 1 micrometer- move even further and contaminate people in just 20 minutes.

Full contamination is reached in under 20 minutes.

As this experiment demonstrates, it is of paramount importance to wear masks anytime you go outside your home, to keep your house or apartment with proper air circulation and to wear masks that provide you the ability breath and exhale, especially if there is someone who is suspected or confirmed to be sick with coronavirus sharing closed spaces with the rest of the family.

Both the study we presented yesterday, as well as this new experiment, demonstrate that health authorities have been, at the very least negligent, in dealing with coronavirus, and that had they used common sense and critical thinking from the beginning, many thousands of people had avoided infection with Covid-19.

The Chinese government, the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention together with health authorities worldwide are directly responsible and liable for the contagion of thousands of people and perhaps the death of many of them.

As experts explain, not wearing masks is the main reason why so many people became ill.

“Based on recent data, we know that population-wide, the use of masks is essential for the suppression of the outbreak,” explains Vojtech Petracek, PhD and Associate Professor at the Czech Technical University.

“According to our professional experience, simple homemade masks can prevent 100% of the spread of particles,” says Vladimir Zdimal, PhD and Head of the Department of Chemistry at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

“The more people with masks, the less the virus can be distributed and the fewer people are exposed,” adds Emil Pavlik, PhD, Microbiologist and Virologist.

If you have not gotten ill, be sure to wear a mask every time you leave your home, or even inside your home if you happen to live with people who are at a greater risk to become infected.

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