In our latest opinion poll we ask our readers if they support free access to healthcare for people who smoke, drink excessively or are obese.

There are many caveats to this question more than a simple answer YES or NO, which is why one of the options in the poll is IT DEPENDS.

Supporters of free healthcare, including the three groups cited above explain that they would support such an initiative because many people who suffer from obesity are in many cases affected by diseases and that they obesity is not necessarily a consequence of lack of personal care.

People who support free healthcare for smokers and heavy drinkers give a similar opinion. Often times, alcoholics and smokers are considered sick people who need help to stop their bad habits, which is why they should get medical help.

There is the counterpoint to all of  three explanations. The idea is that before any of these people can be helped, they need to want to help themselves first, and that as long as the incentive of getting free medical attention exists, people will continue to smoke, drink and practice other bad habits because they know that in the end they will have free medical attention.

These are not the only pros and cons of offering free health care to people who are smokers, drunks or obese, which is why we have opened this space for you to provide your reasons as to why you support or reject the idea of offering free health care to everyone, including smokers, heavy drinkers and the obese.

Please leave your comments below and remember to cast your vote.

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