During the past few years, Brazilians have begun to understand that they are not free. Now, they are beginning to comprehend that they have been ruled by a despotic elite and not by a government that wants to get them out of poverty and misery.

What Brazilians still don’t understand is that their country is like a farm. Most people sill don’t get that they don’t have a government, but that they have owners.

Brazil has been under the rule of a socialist/communist movement for the past four administrations and people are sick and tired of it. Now, voters want change but the truth is that there is no alternative to the current state of affairs.

It is true that the Worker’s Party and its leaders Luis Inacio da Silva and Dilma Rousseff helped destroy the Brazilian dream to become a developed country. However, one needs to ask what is the alternative to the PT and its corrupt elite.

The answer to that is that there is no alternative. The parties that form the opposition in Brazilian politics have been accomplices of the crimes committed by the political class in Brazil. At this time, all of the opposition leaders are in one way or another involved in the political scandals that have shaken the Brazilian people.

One fact that is often overlooked by those opposing the current administration is that, at the highest levels, those who seek to impeach president Rousseff are being managed and financed by foreign interests. That does not mean that Rousseff should not be opposed or that the PT should not be removed from power. Removing the corrupt political elite from power is just the first step for Brazilians to take their country back.

Unfortunately, as a young activist country, the Brazilian popular revolution that resulted from the corruption scandals that are now being discussed in the public arena, have been hijacked by foreign interests that, as they did in places like Ukraine, Libya, Syria and other nations, have captured popular opposition movements to carry out a controlled revolution.

Despite the fact that the discomfort of the people is real and that the movements to oppose the PT began as grassroots all over the country, those movements have been infiltrated by people and organizations who don’t want the Brazilian crisis to go to waste. The people behind the well-financed popular opposition in Brazil are professionals who have been fueling revolutions all over the world and for a long, long time.

Two prominent heads always stick out when a country like Brazil suffers from popular unrest. One of those two heads is that of the Central Intelligence Agency. The second head is that of a professional instigator who finances opposition movements to take over important sectors of society. In the case of Brazil, that second head is billionaire George Soros.

Both the CIA and Soros are partners in destabilizing countries as far back as Nazi Germany. In the case of Brazil, as it happens in other countries, it is easy to know when a revolution is real and when it is a swindle. One of the ways to know whether a revolution is controlled is by following mass media coverage.

In Brazil, all mainstream media have been instrumental in fueling the pro-impeachment movement. Thousands of pages have been printed and hundreds of articles have been written about the need to remove Rousseff and the PT from power.

As history shows, it is a mathematical certainty that a popular movement has been hijacked when corporate mainstream media spends hours of air time and prints hundreds of articles about the subject matter. It is not necessary to emphasize that the mainstream media in Brazil are also accomplices of the rampant corruption that governs over the country today.

According to journalist and former intelligence agent, Wayne Madsen, the Soros financed controllers of the protests are found in “Brazil’s largest corporate federations and corporate-owned media conglomerates and all of them have links to domestic non-profit organizations.” Those organizations include Vem Pra Rua and Free Brazil Movement. 

Besides George Soros and the CIA, popular controlled movements in Brazil are also supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), as well as the American Agency for International Development (USAID).

“Street protests against Rousseff have, since they began in 2014, taken on the typical Soros themed revolution construct. As with the disastrous Soros-inspired and CIA-nurtured Arab Spring protests in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Tunisia and Euromaidan protest in Ukraine,” explains Madsen.

The current movement to impeach Dilma Rousseff, which began as a legitimate request to get rid of a political party that has all but destroyed the country, is now an operation commanded by foreign organizations such as the CIA and National Security Agency of the United States (NSA).

The popular movement that has now been co-opted by foreign interests also count with the support from the US Southern Command in Miami, an organization that has been involved in coup d’etats in places like Honduras, Guatemala and other Central American countries.

According to Madsen, the phone conversations that were released by Judge Moro to the media “may have originated with NSA and its XKEYSCORE database of intercepts of Brazilian government and corporate communications conducted through bugging operations codenamed KATEEL, POCOMOKE, and SILVERZEPHYR.”

Foreign intervention in Brazil is not limited to a few judges or social movement leaders. The CIA has contacted members of the Worker’s Party, officials of Petrobras, personnel at the Brazilian Central Bank and military intelligence officers who had been trained by the US intelligence to obtain information on both Rousseff and Lula.

In sum, the current struggle in Brazil is nothing else than a fight between two power groups whose intention is nothing else than to hold onto power and control of the country. On one side there is the traditionally corrupt and out of control Brazilian political elite that has organically grown out of people’s laziness and carelessness to be vigilant of their servants, and on the other there is a group of astute outsiders who are truly experienced in the business of causing revolutions or taking over grassroots movements to destroy countries from the inside out.

Brazilians are right in showing their dissatisfaction due to the current state of affairs, however, people need to be more sophisticated to avoid entrusting their present and future into the hands of foreign interests that want to swindle a vastly ignorant population into an alternative that will be worse than what they have now.

  1. If George Soros is involved in anything in Brazil you can be sure he is up to no good the best thing you could do is turn him over to Russia if he ever shows up there. There is an international warrant issued by Russia for him to stand charges with a $1,000,000 reward

  2. I AGREE!!!Brazilians have begun to understand that they are not free. Now, they are beginning to comprehend that they have been ruled by a despotic elite and not by a government that wants to get them out of poverty and misery.

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