The dictatorship in Spain is blocking funds that belong to Catalonia to prevent the state from carrying out a lawful referendum on independence.

The Executive office, that is, the central government in Madrid, is now regulating the amount of money that flows to the Generalitat, the regional government office in Catalonia, as a way to force the cancellation of the referendum scheduled for October 1, 2017.

The Government has approved to impose a system of control of expenses to the Generalitat of Catalonia whereby, weekly, the inspectors and economic officials from each department must certify that they have not initiated any investment in the preparations for the referendum announced for October 1.

In the event that the Generalitat does not comply with this obligation dictated by the Government, the Executive of Mariano Rajoy will suspend the transfer of money through the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (ALF), of which Catalonia has received 58 billion euros since 2012.

The agreement has been approved by the Council of Ministers and responds, according to the spokesman of the Government, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, to an initiative to make Catalonia comply with the so-called Constitutional ruling in which the items of the Catalan budget for the independence referendum were canceled.

In the event of initiation of expense filings for the preparation of the Catalonian consultation, the Government will take other measures “before the competent authorities”.

The Government has adopted this agreement, as explained, given the “risk” situation generated by the Generalitat’s intention to organize the referendum, and due to the “uncertainty” for companies and citizens to ensure that “not a single public euro” will be used to fund the referendum.

“The referendum cannot be paid with public money. Rest assured that all Catalans will not have a single euro taken for anything that is illegal,” said Méndez de Vigo.

In Spain, the Government believes that self-determination is illegal and that publicly and openly voting for independence is not a right of the Catalonian people, or anyone else for that matter. They also believe that it is mandatory for the Catalonians to pay taxes to the central government without requesting any accountability from the Executive led by Mariano Rajoy. Only the Government, it seems, determines the present and future of all citizens, as supposed to being the citizens themselves who determine their present and future.

For this purpose, a series of senior officials must submit, individually and weekly, certificates that ensure that records of expenses and payments that may be directed directly or indirectly to activities linked to the referendum, have not been initiated or processed.

Those responsible for sending this information to the Government are the auditors of the ministries, with the certified support of the top managers of the managing bodies, the economic and financial leaders of entities in which there are no delegated interventions, the general director of budgets and the director general of financial policy, insurance and treasury.

With this information, if the Ministry of Finance concludes that funds are being used to fund the referendum, “it will transfer to the competent authorities for the demand of responsibility,” as detailed the Executive spokesman.

“In case they do not comply with the obligation to send that weekly information, the Government will implement the provisions of the ALF agreements, conditioned to the fulfillment of its objective of public services. “It could withdraw the ALF monies, as that is a line to the progress and well-being of the Catalans”, recognized Méndez de Vigo.

The minister spokesman said that “it would be very serious” that this weekly communication did not occur and does not even contemplate it. But he explained that if the payment of the ALF were to be withdrawn, the President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, would be the one who would have to explain to the Catalans why this situation has been reached.

This is a clear example of what Governments do when their power goes unchecked. They appear to be governing for the people, but when the people challenge that power and seek self-determination, the Government’s immediate reaction is to demand compliance by force.

The entry into force of this agreement is “immediate.” “If a government wants to use the money for other things that are illegal, they will have to be the ones who will pay for it, because they will not pay it with the money of all the Catalans,” he said.

Méndez de Vigo then justified, there is a “right” to “know that nobody uses that money at all for something that is only the pretension of a few.” It is a “preventive” measure in favor of the “security and welfare” of the Catalans “to ensure that money goes where the Catalans want it to go, which is to provide essential public services and not an illegal referendum.”

He forgets to say that at least half the Catalan people do desire to be independent from Spain and that, therefore, the money would be indeed going to a purpose that half of Catalonians approve. He also forgets to mention that the money that is paid in the form of taxes belongs to the people, not to the Spanish Government, so it is the people who dictate what is done with it, not him, Mr, Rajoy or anyone else.

What Spain is doing and has been doing with Catalonia is a clear example that Government is, indeed like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

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