No one who understands how important our environment is for survival would deny our obligation to use resources in a smart way, while preserving it for future generations.

Making proper use of the environment and the resources it provides for survival is what turned people’s attention to environmentalism. However, on the way to preserving our planet’s pristine state, some alleged environmentalists decided to take a different path.

While their message continued to be about preserving a clean planet, their actions took a different way. Their plan was no longer to preserve the natural resources so that they would be available to the majority and to future generations, but to strip away people’s rights to private property and to lower their living standards.

Anything from food production to birthrates is fair game for those pushing the directives issued by the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and its damning sister, Sustainable Development, which are stealthily and negatively affecting the lives of people everywhere.

By copying and enforcing policies taken out of the Soviet model of government control, the United Nations effort to curb the people’s right to own a home, drive freely around their country and eat meat, if they wish, is tying our hands and strengthening government power to decide what kind of life we are supposed to live.

So, how do Agenda 21 and so-called sustainable development affect people and how does it affect you, no matter where you live?

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One of the scariest facts about Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development policies is their intention to drastically reduce the world’s population by force.

China’s one-child policy, which is part of the depopulation agenda in that country, has caused the government to rethink its birth rate policies and to relax them, given the population decline it has caused. The Chinese model of depopulation and population control is seen by governments worldwide as a desirable way to limit birth rates.

In other countries, depopulation has taken a different approach. Governments have used silent weapons in a quiet war against their people. Campaigns and policies that on the surface appear to be beneficial for people’s health and well-being such as contraception and abortion rights are mere fronts for mass depopulation and forced sterilization of men and women.

The depopulation agenda, as explained in the video below has taken over school curricula, where children are being taught that humanity is a cancer, and that, therefore, people must be prevented from being born or living too long if we want to save the environment and the planet.

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Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development policies have been trickling down on local communities around the world for decades, since their inception in 1992. Since then, cadres of people have been brainwashed to verify that Agenda 21 policies are being taught and implemented without any delay all over the planet.

Urban development, transportation, economic growth, birth rates and private property are all being curtailed by government agencies that are working with the UN to reduce living standards and population numbers everywhere.

Other aspects of human life that are being limited by Agenda 21 and sustainable development policies include forbidding human access to land, relocating people from rural areas to cities, where they can be under government control, restricting water use, higher gas prices and of course, imposing higher taxes on every single form of human activity.

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