Accumulation of trauma and fear are common among the thousands of migrants that in many cases walk for days from their lands just to be captured, raped and kidnapped by criminals who dominate the US border with Mexico. 

Just two months after closing the Matamoros migrant camp, a place that Joe Biden closed and pointed as a symbol of the cruelty of Trump’s immigration policies, a new settlement is growing 90 kilometers to the west.

The decision by the Biden administration to promote the direct arrival of illegal aliens, has once again triggered the business for coyotes and organized crime, who are associated to exploit human trafficking at the border by using Biden as a publicity hook and even offer their services openly.

The change of government in the United States has meant “an opportunity for clandestine migration actors and a new utopia for hundreds or thousands of migrants, especially from Central America, with the idea that borders have been opened,” says the anthropologist Oscar Misael Hernández, who investigates migration and organized crime.

The groups of coyotes, he explains, have taken advantage of the change of discourse in the White House to sell the idea that it is now easier to enter US soil.

The business of crossing people across the border is in a flourishing era. And it’s getting more brazen: in mid-April, the Tech Transparency Project reported that at least 50 Facebook pages offered illegal crossings across the border, almost all of them openly, and that more than half had been created at the end of last year. A dozen of them were created in April alone.

Crossings along the border skyrocketed starting in January, when the new Administration took office. Of the more than 74,000 migrant apprehensions made by Customs and Border Protection agents that month, the number jumped to more than 100,000 in February, and to 171,000 in March, the most in 15 years.

Biden ended migrant detention as per the standards of the Trump Presidency, and began receiving asylum seekers with active cases that had been sent back by Trump to wait in Mexico. A measure implemented by the previous administration implied the closure of the border to non-essential activities and new cases of asylum.

In the first three months of the Biden administration, the NGO Human Rights First recorded nearly 500 violent attacks on migrants on the northern Mexican border, including kidnappings.

“We are seeing a very critical situation in the Reynosa park with the deportations,” says José Antonio Silva, project coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

“I think it is not a secret that the issue of migration is an important business for organized crime here: extortion, express kidnapping, practices obviously associated with generating profitability from this phenomenon,” he assures.

“Now there are hundreds of people who are in an area where the context of violence is very acute and where unsatisfied basic needs are evident.”

The vulnerability of migrants as they passed through Mexico was demonstrated this year with the massacre of 16 Guatemalans in Camargo, in western Mexico, in an event in which organized crime and state police were involved.

In the Reynosa camp, which holds 600 migrants who are on their way to the US at the end of February, has seen its population grow by at the rate of 80 people a week.

The Biden era appears to offer quantitative growth and captive demand to organized crime. After getting to the border bridge, migrants have a choice to make: those with money – usually those with family in the United States who are willing to pay for a new attempt to cross the river, which costs about $1,000 per month per person -are recruited at the same point by the coyotes to try again.

For those who do not have immediate cash, all they have to do is try to survive and wait.

Most of those who live in the open are Central Americans; Salvadorans, Hondurans and Guatemalans who can give a master class on the problems that plague their region in the first person.

Inversely to what many people think, opening the border does not benefit migrants, but it does help organized crime. With the increasing flow of Central Americans, business is booming for kidnappers, murderers and drug cartels that control the passage of migrants who want to make it to the US.

The main difference between the Trump administration’s immigration policy and Biden’s welcoming policy, is that more people see a greater opportunity for leaving their land and seek a new beginning elsewhere. That of course has a high cost, in dollars and often times in numbers of lives that are lost along the way.

The number of deportations for April represents a 30% drop compared to March, a month that recorded the highest number of illegal entries into the country in the last 15 years. More than 172,000 people were detained by the authorities, including 18,800 unaccompanied minors.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, has indicated that the priorities are the fight against organized crime and the response to the emergency on the border with Mexico.

Both Mayorkas and Biden refused to call the mass migration a crisis for weeks, until it was evident that it could no longer be denied as such.

Trump’s executive orders allowed his uniformed officers to make arrests based practically on suspicion of the lack of legal immigration status in the country.

As a reaction to this decision, a left-wing social movement began to gain momentum since July 2018 that called for the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE).

Despite having started on social networks, the claim managed to sneak between several Democratic members of Congress.

Biden’s policy with ICE is notorious. The president chose a Texas sheriff who was highly critical of Trump’s style to head it. Ed Gonzalez, a veteran Harris County cop, will be elected once he is approved by a majority in the Senate.

Since October, the start of fiscal year 2021, the United States has deported 37,000 people. If this rate continued, fewer than 100,000 people would be expelled for the first time in a year, which will continue to signal Biden’s desire to let in thousands of people who continue making their way north.

In four years in office, the Trump Administration averaged 240,000 deportations annually. Barack Obama, on the other hand, earned the nickname of “deporter-in-chief” after expelling 1.8 million people in the first three years of his administration alone, an average of 383,000 per month. At the end of his term, deportations exceeded three million.

In the case of Biden, it seems that he is ready to let in as many people as his extreme Left-wing base demand he does. The Democratic Party, now controlled by socialists, want to allow anyone who crosses the border into the United States as a way to repair “the evil” that America has caused to the region south of the border.

They promote free everything for anyone who walks though the border. Free housing, free pension, free education… indefinitely. Biden’s “infrastructure” program seeks to finance exactly that, by determining that providing free everything for anyone who walks into the US is an example of infrastructure improvements.

It is estimated that if Biden’s plan goes through, the US will spend somewhere around $6.5 trillion over a decade in socialist initiatives and badly conceived “alternative energy” pork projects that, in addition to making organized more powerful, will also send the US into an even deeper debt spiral, like no one has even seen before.


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