Gender equality, feminism, and decriminalization of abortion have something in common: They are all supported by unscientific ideas, that are imposed on individuals for authoritarian purposes.

When talking about so-called gender equality, people need to understand that it belongs to the same ideology that promotes completely legalizing abortion and imposing feminism on everyone.

Its purpose is not to bring real equality between men and women, but to detach science and biology from the concept of gender and to substitute both science and biology with the idea that gender is only a matter of culture.

The main basis for the current flavor of gender ideology is that we are defined by our surroundings, not by the biological and physiological characteristics we are born with.

People behind this form of gender ideology -not the typical supporter who participates in marches and pro women events, but the people at the top- want humans to deconstruct themselves while denying that this toxic form of gender ideology actually exists.

It is important to note that, despite what you may think about gender equality, this movement is driven by ideology and only ideology. In other words, it is a movement whose ideas go against reason and evidence, as all ideologies do.

Marxism is a historical example of a kind of ideology that proposes to impose ‘equality’ by force; social equality. Marxism proponents want people to be equally poor.

Gender ideology intends to use incorrect, untrue assertions to mobilize political and social groups to promote the destruction of human nature.

While apparently promoting the betterment of the lives of women and people in the LGBT community, gender ideology violates all the principles of biology, physiology, psychobiology, anatomy, genetics neuroscience and others.

The main problem with gender ideology is that it does not stop with the omission of science. In fact, that is not its worst sin. The real problem is that it seeks to undermine our individual liberties.

An important point to make is that gender ideology could not exist without the force of the State. It would not exist without Statism.

No matter where you look, wherever you find a strong push for gender equality, legalization of abortion and pro LGBT policies, you will find a growing, more oppressing State.

Historically speaking, any time the State is empowered, individual liberty and freedom are endangered.

Within the ideology of gender, more specifically in the case of gender equality, the State and the people behind its agenda not only promote the unscientific premise that people are who they perceive themselves to be, but they also seek to impose such unnatural, unscientific reality upon the rest of the population by force and coercion.

Enforcing gender ideology on everyone does not come free of cost. People take advantage of policies enacted by governments to swindle everyone else.

In Argentina, men are suddenly changing their gender to female so they can retire earlier. In Sweeden, a new bill proposes to mandate that men sit on the toilet to urinate as supposed to doing it while standing. More recently, the socialist government of Spain banned the speech of a group called and prohibited the circulation of a bus they used to spread a scientifically true message. The message read: “Boys have penises and girls have vulvas. Don’t let them lie to you. If you are born a man, you are a man, and if you are born as a woman, you are a woman.”

Unfortunately, gender ideology goes far beyond cheating society. Along with so-called gender equality, legalizing abortion and seeking non-existing rights for people in the LGBT community, there is also the PC Police, that seeks to impose speech considered politically correct. In many cases, such speech is formed in part by what is called inclusive language.

People who speak against gender ideology are penalized and even imprisoned for disagreeing with unscientific and unreasonable policies that are imposed on them by force.

In Argentina, it is prohibited to oppose feminists and their ideas when they participate in radio or television programs. When people oppose or argue against gender ideology, their ideas are labeled as hate speech and their right to express their opposition to such ideology is immediately banned.

In the eyes of those who support gender ideology, society must recognize and accept that men may have vaginas and women may have penises. Thinking differently lands anyone in court or in a hospital, as they are often physically attacked.

In the Basque country, a region in the north of Spain, gender ideology promoters determined that playing soccer in school must be banned because, according to them, territorializes space on gender differences.

In Canada, a bill proposed to penalized people for using “improper” pronouns when addressing each other. In other words, if a man thought he is a woman and someone used a male pronoun to address him, he could file a lawsuit because this person violated his perception of who he really is by using a male pronoun. “Offenders” can go to jail for up to 6 months if a judge determines he is at fault.

Although gender ideology appears to seek liberation for some social groups, in reality, when looked at closely, it is easy to see that with every new step taken to allegedly defend the supposed rights of minorities, the State and the groups that support imposing the ideology on the rest of the population set new prohibitions in place.

As mentioned before, gender ideology is a tool to provide the state even more power to run over and destroy individual freedoms, increasing taxes to pay for sex change surgeries, telling people what to think and what not to think and how to express their ideas.

Surely, no one who is in favor of defending individual liberty and self-governance could ever support the toxic agenda being imposed by gender ideology for the simple reason that its ultimate goal is to destroy humanity’s most precious treasure: individual consciousness.

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