Climate Change funds will go to countries and governments that will best keep their populations in abject poverty.

With so many important people in favor claiming to carry out actions that help avoid a “great catastrophe,” you would think that if there is one thing behind this call to save ourselves from ourselves, that thing would be science.

However, in an exclusive interview, journalist and author Marc Morano explains that not only there is no credible science behind global warming claims, despite the so-called consensus, but that questioning the reality of “anthropogenic global warming” to help dispel the artificial fear propagated by alarmists has become a very dangerous mission.

Like many others, Morano was indoctrinated into believing all the arguments published by the media, celebrities, activists, environmental organizations, the UN, government entities and the Vatican.

So, what changed the way he thinks?

Morano conducted his own investigation, without ideological filters. He realized that when regulatory authorities, that is, governments, want to establish new laws and rules, they always look for ways to connect those rules and laws to a matter of interest in order to justify their ambition for power

“They have used everything from global cooling, overpopulation, resource shortages, famine, as excuses to increase the state’s regulatory power,” Morano explains in an interview with TFP Student Action.

Morano says that some of the objectives behind the environmental movement include giving the State the power to “redistribute wealth” that is, to confiscate private resources, to obtain complete control of public resources already in their hands, and, through “legislation” in entities such as the UN, to give to multinational non-elected organizations, part or all of the sovereignty of the Nation-States, and of course, to end once and for all, the “demonic” Capitalism.

“The supposed global warming is only the last scare tactic used by these groups, who present the same solutions they suggested 50 years ago,” the author says.

Members of power groups that support today’s environmental movement are pushing for even more centralized control, top-down planning and unprecedented global transformation, by force.

As the UN itself has said on its own climate policy documents, it is intended to “redistribute wealth by enforcing environmental policies related to climate change, which, for convenience, they no longer call “global warming”.

While Al Gore and dozens of Hollywood celebrities warn that we have barely 10 years to save the planet, they continue to live in their mansions that emit more CO2 than many neighborhoods in their cities and traveling in private planes to talk about the importance of not polluting the environment.

Similarly, former President Barack Obama, who also supports the environmental agenda promoted by Gore, Bono, Leonardo di Caprio, Alejandra Ocasio Cortez and others, put his eyes on a $ 15,000,000 house which, if we believe “experts”, will be below sea level in a few years time.

Surprisingly, none of the policies proposed by environmentalists, the UN, government entities or the Vatican could “save us” from the “climate catastrophe” that they believe is imminent.

Even if all the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement were respected and followed meticulously, could a measurable change in CO2 emissions or any other type of environmental achievement be obtained. That is, none of the measures suggested by the UN or the Paris Agreement would have any positive impact on global warming, not now, not 100 years from now.

While no significant changes to emissions and other measurable data be evident, the measures contemplated in proposals such as the Green New Deal,  would negatively impact the lives of billions of people around the world. The goal, as explained by Morano, is to keep third world nations impoverished.

Climate Change funds will go to countries and governments that will best keep their populations in abject poverty, not to combat climate change or global warming.

Fringe environmentalists already want to treat those who eat meat like smokers. They want them to be publicly shamed.

Under the Green New Deal and the Paris Agreement, fuel and energy prices would increase considerably due to the application of taxes to discourage their use.

As a result of higher energy prices, food prices would also increase. Some proposals include issuing CO2 emission ration cards, while technology is already in place for governments to monitor electrical devices through smart grids (digital meters) that will use 5G technology to remotely connect or disconnect power from homes.

As Morano explains, the world is before the consolidation of a perverse plan to maintain billions of people in poverty conditions, while their governments get millions of dollars in incentives -bribes- as a prize for keeping them in misery. It is the technocrats that run developed nations and multinational corporations telling people in the developing world that they will not be allowed to have better lives.

The environmental movement is filled with famous people who are happy to talk the talk, but who do not walk the walk, and they are telling the rest of the world, which incidentally is populated by brown people that they otherwise claim to defend from oppression, that they, the poorest of the poor, need to take a hike back to the Dark Ages, because they say so.

Watch the complete, in-depth interview with Marc Morano below:

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