Many Democrats would give everything to be part of the basket of deplorables.

A simple explanation is that more people voted for him than for Hillary Clinton, but the question is not in the numbers, but in who voted for the Republican candidate.

On Tuesday, Trump not only won the presidential race, he did it flipping traditionally Democratic electoral districts and states. How did he do that? By having hispanics, blacks and women vote for him.

With the exception of the Middle Eastern community, all minority groups that the mainstream media attempted to manipulate so they would vote Democrat, all so-called offended parties came out heavily for Trump.

There were indeed ‘secret voters’ or ‘closet’ Trump supporters who had refused to show their public support for the Republican candidate, but who on election day and early voting tilted the table in Trump’s favor.

The media and  the pollsters got it wrong, once again. While just days ago several polls gave Clinton margins of between 5 and 12 points, which Trump later shrank to 2 or 3 and while the pundits in most mainstream media outlets continued to bash Trump, bubbles were building up. On election night, voters in America said enough of Establishment politics.

The result only surprised those who did not support Trump, pundits and reporters, especially in major news outlets that had attempted to destroy Trump by promoting false sexual abuse stories, accussations of unpaid taxes and constant name-calling with which they intended to cast Trump as a demagogue, a racist, an islamophobe, a sexist and so on. None of those claims stuck, mainly because people do not care what mainstream media and political pundits think anymore.

Much of the credit for voter awareness and rejection of mainstream media lies has to be given to alternative media, which actually has now become the new mainstream media, whose credibility went through the roof during the last election cycle.

While TV networks fought hard to keep a couple of hundred thousand viewers paying attention to their popular news shows, most well-recognized alternative outlets enjoy the company of millions of followers a week.

Why did Trump win? Because people in America, the silent majority that spoke very loudly on Tuesday, are fed up with the Establishment. Because they are tired of mainstream media lies. Because they understand the importance of oppossing globalism and supporting nationalism. Because there was no option to vote for on the other side. Because minorities also understood that another Clinton in the White House would be a catastrophic step backwards.

Hillary did not lose because she is a woman, she lost because they represents the status quo, the banks, the Establishment, cronyism, corruption, government of the corporations ruling over the majority. Although most people in America were ready for a woman president just as 8 years ago they were ready for a black president, they were not ready for Hillary Clinton.

No one other than the indoctrinated minority wanted Clinton to hold the nuclear codes. No one but her closests aides wanted Clinton to hold the power to initiate more wars or to carry out murderous campaigns as she did in Libya.

On Tueday, Trump not only won the presidency. He also won the Senate and the House for the Republican party. That means that Republicans will get to select judges for the Supreme Court, which will help save many of the most sensitive constitutional rights that have been under threat during the Obama years. The most significant perhaps is the Second Amendment, which both Obama and Clinton attempted to erode during the past 8 years.

While the legal system in the United States failed to pass judgement on a political candidate for her crimes against humanity, her misuse of confidential and top secret information, her participation in corruption schemes linked to the Clinton Foundation and her collaboration in the abuse of women by foreign governments that handsomely rewarded her and her husband with millions of dollars in exchange for political access, the people of the United States did not let the opportunity pass to say enough is enough.

Even for liberal Democrats, many of them Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton simply did not represent their beliefs, their values or their vision of the future. Many of those women, hispanics and blacks voted for Trump and the majority stayed home. Hillary was able to rig the primaries to get the nomination, but she wasn’t able to rig the general election.

The deplorables have taken command of government. Let this election be a warning to everyone, Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between.

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