Male beings of many species, including humans, are simply disappearing from the face of the Earth.

It is a silent genocide being carried out, knowingly or otherwise with the sole purpose of turning the world, and more specifically humanity, into an asexual species.

There is something extremely wrong with human fertility.

Sperm counts have been caught in half in the last 50 years. With it, sperm abnormalities and male infertility have increased radically all over the world.

Testicular cancer has seen an exponential increase in the last quarter of a century.

The questions are why is this happening and what is causing it?

Abundant evidence now points to a number of chemicals in food and other products as the culprits of a massive male eradication trend that includes changing male sexual preferences in many species, including humans.

The chemicals have, for many decades, altered the normal stages of male sexual development and now they threaten the very existence of stable populations.

The following documentary explains how males of many species are being extinguished.

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