According to a 1973 computer model, the decline of life as we know it would begin two years from now, in 2020.

A combination of factors such as environmental pollution, available resources, and population growth would flick the switch to kick-start human extinction.

The people responsible for the destruction of our planet, including industry, academia and news organizations, knew about the consequences of savagely exhausting our natural resources.

They knew it and did nothing to stop the pillage of everything wholesome. Instead, they took the opportunity to further consolidate power, money, and resources.

Meanwhile, they blamed the rest of us for destroying Earth with our consumption patterns which they themselves pushed on us for decades.

They had and still possess the know-how and wealth to make things better, but won’t do so because it would mean yielding control, losing some of the power they hold today and reducing their mountain of wealth.

In order to make us servile and more obedient, they came up with a set of apparently promising goals which they explained would save the planet for us and generations to come.

Their plan is explained in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN goals address several matters regarding human life and development, including forced vaccinations, pushing so-called “diversity” to justify mass invasions of diverse cultures, water management, energy efficiency, imposing limits to free movement and speech, when it was deemed “offensive”, limits on fishing and land usage and so on.

In their manuscripts, the implementation of these goals, which were written by the same people who destroyed and continue harming our planet, seek to gain complete control of every single area of human life, explains Kevin Shipp, a decorated CIA officer.

In their eyes, everything that is labeled a resource, including humans, must be centrally controlled and managed by them, the polluters.

That is why they created the list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to create awareness about the impending destruction of the planet that they themselves brought upon all of us.

We, consumers, were victims of these practices and brainwashing, but we have not been innocent bystanders for a while now.

The planet’s resources are indeed being depleted, and we don’t have armies or advanced technologies to slow down or stop the decline.

The only power we have is inside our wallets and bank accounts.

The only choice we have available is to change our consumption habits for our own good, not to surrender the planet to the destruction crew that has been exploiting it for decades.

We must obligate them to produce responsibly and to use the technological advancement they have accumulated over 100 years to slow down and control global destruction without surrendering our national legitimacy.

You don’t need to be an expert in environmental issues to understand that surrendering national sovereignty, a plan that globalists envisioned since the middle of the 20th century, is just a trick so that they can take over complete control over everything and everyone.

They have come close to achieving that goal, but they are not there yet. It does take a free-thinking individual to understand what is behind what it appears to be benign pro-environment goals.

Just ask yourself these questions:

  1. If the corporate oligarchs had wanted to save the planet from doom, hadn’t they done it already?

2. Can you actually trust the people who destroyed large parts of our carefully balanced planet to fix the damage they’ve caused because of greed and thirst for power and control?

3. Can’t you make a bigger difference, encouraging others who live in your proximity to participate in a truly free movement to stop buying industrialized goods whose production causes the destruction of our planet?

You must decide.

You either completely surrender your life to the destroyers who want to obligate you to live in coffin-size apartments, so they can gain complete control of everything, or you can begin to drain control off their hands by being a responsible consumer.

It is your choice.

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